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How does Trillium Mutual Insurance Company use Clinked to improve client communication?

“The Clinked product has really helped us tie all of our loose ends together,  it's allowed us to have one information hub and one spot for everyone to go to whether that be an external partner or an internal partner. It's very easy to use, we've had nothing but great support from the Clinked team and it shows to all of our customers and clients who use our product.”  

Trillium Mutual are one of the leading insurance companies in Ontario, Canada - specialising in agricultural business insurance, playing a crucial role in helping to protect and support the farming community across the State. 

We had the pleasure of meeting with the team at Trillium Mutual to learn a bit more about how they’re using Clinked to better serve their insurance brokers.

With a unique client base, Trillium Mutual uses Clinked to engage easily with their team and external brokers, particularly when they are accessing policies for agricultural clients in rural locations. The strong collaboration features and offline capability of Clinked makes it possible for brokers to access the important documents they need in any kind of condition or geography.

Watch the video below to find out more about Trillium Mutual as a company, as well as how Clinked, plays such a huge role in helping them manage their workflow, allowing them to grow and expand their business even further.

Thank you Trillium Mutual for sharing your story with us! 



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