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Coronavirus Update: Clinked Global Offer

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Dear World,

Clinked is a flexible cloud-based portal software incorporating secure and mobile functionality for groups of people working to solve problems together. We cannot think of a larger problem facing our global community today than COVID-19.

We have been humbled this past week while speaking to our clients globally of the impact Clinked has made. To learn of their organisational ability to quickly adapt for most to nearly 100% remote working teams to continually deliver for clients and partners with limited business disruption has been incredible to hear first hand. We appreciate our clients openness to pickup the phone and share their experiences even in this unprecedented challenge.

It's with these conversations that we began to think if we could do more to help others - and there is.

There are thousands, if not millions, of people working tirelessly in organisations around the world to face this challenge head on and we want to help those people. While we are a nimble software company, we are committing $250,000 in free software to those initiatives addressing this global challenge and the impact they bring to communities near and far from our physical home in Cambridge, UK.

If your organisation is working on a COVID-19 specific medical response programme, medical research initiative, or community facing initiative we want to offer Clinked for 12-months free.

Covid-19 Offer-2

We ask anyone interested to reach out to us via email at team@clinked.com. We will promptly arrange a conversation to share the details of the organisation's initiative and we will get qualified efforts set up immediately.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts being taken everyday by those taking care of the sick, self isolating to keep others from becoming ill, and everyone addressing this challenge in any way.

Please be safe and take care of each other.


The Clinked Team


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