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The Rollout of Clinked Version 2 is Underway

Version 2 brings tailored customer experience to a new level, and gives businesses even more tools to brand the platform as their own," says Tayfun Bilsel, the CEO of Clinked.

When Clinked was launched 10 years ago, our primary focus was connecting businesses with their clients to make them more productive and engaged, in a branded, secure and easy to use space. Since launching the first version of Clinked, our team has invested thousands of hours to make Clinked, the best client portal in the world.

The whole team at Clinked is continually driven to innovate, with the goal of transforming client interactions. We’re incredibly proud to announce that over the coming months we’ll be rolling out the new version of Clinked, starting today.

If you are an existing customer, you won’t need to change your subscription or worry about additional training. Everything we’ve done to take Clinked to the next level will feel natural and intuitive.

Version 2 includes innovations that make the platform much faster and easier to use. Below are some of the highlights of what Clinked 2.0 has to offer. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.


The user interface has been redesigned in line with customers' feedback to make Clinked even more intuitive. Clinked users have also indicated that one of the most important aspects of Clinked is the ability to brand the platform as their own. Therefore, in version 2, enhanced white labelling features have been added to give businesses more control about how their brand and company is seen.

For instance, we’ve developed a new client login page that really puts your brand front and centre of your client portal. You also have more options for your colour scheme than in Version 1, enabling you to represent your company’s brand more accurately. To further support your ability to tailor Clinked to meet your specific needs, we’ve made some subtle but powerful changes to the dashboard. It was designed with user experience in mind, to make the set up more intuitive.


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Speed improvements

In Version 2, users will notice the increased loading speed of the pages, which is now 250% faster. Faster rendering will not only help businesses and their clients view documents and features faster, but will also allow for a seamless transition between pages, improving efficiency and usability of the platform.


Securely logging into Clinked is even easier in Version 2. All members now have the option to login with Google, LinkedIn and Apple ID. In addition to the SMS and App Authenticators, email based Authentication has been introduced - providing further flexibility with two-factor authentication.

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Universal search

With version 2 a newly designed and vastly improved universal search has been added to all the packages. Now, running a universal full text search will give access to all user content across multiple file types and locations. Additionally, by setting search filters and content types it is possible to further refine search for even more precise results.

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There are many more subtle changes that make Clinked the best client portal for your business. Would you like to see everything that Clinked 2.0 has to offer? If you are a customer, please contact our Customer Success Team. If you are new to Clinked, please book a demo.


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