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Top Clinked Features For Secure Document Management

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With today’s current work climate including a mix of remote and office work, it’s more important than ever before to ensure you have a secure document management system in place. Having the ability to efficiently access required documents from anywhere on the globe has become a necessity. Essentially, unless you know how to encrypt them, sending important information and documents via email simply isn’t safe or efficient anymore. 

What is a secure document management system?

A secure document management system is a place where users can safely store and share documents such as files, images and PDFs. They incorporate auditing capabilities, plus security features such as content and user based permissions to help you manage your information safely. 

Why should I consider investing in a secure document management system?

Protection from data breaches

Data breaches are a major concern for businesses working online, especially those with sensitive files. In March 2020, CSO Online reported that email phishing attacks account for more than 80% of reported security incidents and cyber security data breaches. Making sure that only those who are essential to particular tasks have access to your portal is a great place to start, and Clinked can facilitate this in several ways.

You have the option of password protecting all of your access to your portal, and can also grant guest sharing and temporary membership access to limit your members time spent in your portal. Our end to end encryption, (256 bit SSL in transit and AES encryption at rest) is bank grade level security, The use of secure document management systems like Clinked offer so much more in safety than emails between your clients and teams can.

Increased productivity

Another great reason to invest in a document management system is because it helps to increase productivity. Countless hours are lost at work each week searching for documents and information. So why spend time searching through long email chains for documents, when you can create a structured folder system to securely host your information and find what you need within seconds?

A secure, easily navigable portal like Clinked makes what you're searching for only a few clicks away, allowing you to get back to your clients and your work faster. All of our file storage is searchable, and your activity stream in your dashboard is also a handy account of what you and your colleagues have recently worked on.


For the data driven company, tracking your progress on your projects is essential, Clinked's great tracking features offers so many ways to keep up to date with your own work and that of your clients and colleagues.

Our audit trail feature gives super admins the ability to see all changes made by each member, for an in-depth way of seeing what work has been completed by whom and at what pace. For a broader look at your company's progression, our tasks feature allows you schedule and track projects for your whole group, with deadlines and priorities easily assignable. 


What’s unique about Clinked, is that not only do we have a secure document management system, we also have a whole host of other client management tools available within the Clinked's secure client portal solution. You can find out more about these tools on our features page.

Clinked's specific secure document management system features

Now we'll explore the Clinked document management system in itself and the great features it encompasses to better assist you with your work day.

Firstly we have the comprehensive folder structure system. The Clinked folder system is set up so you have files within folders, with no limit to how many subfolders you can create, meaning you can organise files which ever way that suits you and your business. 

document management

Another important feature to note, is that Clinked's secure document system has extensive permission settings to add an extra layer of security to your important files and folders. On each document and folder you have the option of keeping it private for yourself, or giving access to either particular people or all users within that group.

In addition, you have the option to choose what editing access the same users get. For example, if you would prefer people to have a ‘view only’ access, rather than ‘Administrator’ rights then this is an option.

One of Clinked's greatest features is its ability to support an extensive range of file types. From the Microsoft Office and Apple's iWork, to the full Google suite and more unusual file types such as .heic, Clinked is able to integrate with what you like to work with, with the majority of these file types easily previewable in the portal. 

This is just another way our platform makes it easier for you and your teams to collaborate on content. Clinked also has a range of desirable document management features such as e-signatures, approvals and version control to assist you in collaborating securely with your team and clients!

Want to find out more about what our Clinked secure document management system has to offer? Sign up for a free trial today, no credit card required!

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