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New JotFrom Integration Improvements

Clinked's integration with JotForm, a leading online form builder, has just got even better!

Jotform users have been able to integrate forms and receive submissions directly through their Clinked portal and, with some new improvements to this integration,  it is now also possible to store all of the data from your submissions as a CSV file inside your Clinked document storage. On top of that, the file will automatically update with all new data submitted. 


How to Store JotForm Submissions in Clinked


Step 1: Go to your JotForm account

Go to your JotForm account > Settings > API, then copy the API key provided. 


Step 2: Enable the integration

Go back to your portal to Personal Settings > Integrations, then  switch on the JotForm integration, paste the API key in the box and select Activate


Step 3: Create a CSV file 

Go to one of your groups and navigate to the drop down menu next to Upload Files in the top right corner of the page and select Store JotForm Submissions. Choose a JotForm from the list displayed that you would like to create a csv file of the data submitted for. It will then generate the document, and this document will update whenever there are new submissions to that form.

Take a look at the video below for a detailed step by step video tutorial!





We hope you enjoy this new feature! If you have questions, you can get in touch at support@clinked.com.

If you aren't already a Clinked user, you can sign up for our free trial here


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