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Link Tasks to Files (New Feature)

Anna Sayers
By Anna Sayers
on November 30, 2018

Do you ever create a task that involves a document, and want to link it to that specific file? Well you can now associate a task with the file related to it by following these easy steps.


Here’s how:


Step 1: Open the file

Go to the specific file that you would like to relate to a task.

Scroll down to the bottom of the document preview where you can see the different tabs and select the Tasks tab.



Step 2: Create the task

Type the title of the task in the box, then hit the enter button.



 Step 3: Update the task

If you would then like to edit the task, for example assign it to a group member, set a due date and add a description then it will also be displayed under the group tasks section, along with the rest of your tasks. Here you can also see that it is linked to a file, as shown below.



This feature will be particularly useful in situations where you need a completed piece of work to be QC’d by a higher member of your team before publishing, or if you have multiple people working on a single document.


We hope this feature makes your experience with Clinked an even better one! If you have any questions get in touch at



Clinked offers customized and secure portals for file sharing, task management and collaboration. Clients and team members can access their documents, discussions, events, tasks and more – all from within a centralized environment. Try this feature out for yourself.


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