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New Feature: Discussion Filters

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Saving time by streamlining discussions in one location - rather than in individual email chains & inboxes - has brought many Clinked clients to increasingly explore & use our Discussions tool with clients, partners & teams.  The importance of creating efficient & auditable communications wherever possible has lead us to deliver on a client feature request and improving this tool.


With that, we are happy to announce new filter options in the Discussions tool.  Now you can filter by Last Modified, Date Created & Name making it quicker and easier for you to view and sort through your existing discussions!


Here's where to find this New Feature!

Navigate to your Group Discussions and find the filter bar at the top. By clicking on the filter icon on the right hand side, the 3 filter options listed in the Order By dropdown menu. Here you can select from Last Modified, Date Created & Name to best suits your search. Below is a view of this:


Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 16.41.20


Curious to explore how to use the Discussion tool best for your organisation, clients or partners? Let's go into some more detail about the Discussions tool and how you can manage it. 


What is the Discussions board?

The use of Discussions generally varies from organisation to organisation. However, the theme to collaborate in one location with different members of your group - without having an email chain and without anyone being missed out of the loop - is consistent. The topic could be anything from client inquiries on their policy needs to crowdsourcing ideas for your remote team! As more organisations are leaning into & relaying on remote work with teams and clients, why not utilise this tool to enhance communications through discussions captured in your portal! 


So can Permissions be applied to Discussions?

Whenever you create a new discussion, you have the option to apply permissions dependant on your requirements.

To set permissions when creating a new discussion - Firstly, create a new discussion then open the discussion and hit edit to apply the permissions. There are two ways that permissions will need to be applied - 1. Members (who) & 2. Interaction Level (how).

Below are details on the Members levels:

Group Members - This option allows all Group Members to see the discussion and participate based on the interaction levels granted. With this option, you can also grant special permissions to individuals in the "Additional Individual Permissions" area if desired. You can edit or remove the individual permissions, which puts the user back to the default Group member permission level.

Nobody - This option disables access to all Group Members other than yourself. If you'd like to be accessible to a set person or people, you can grant special permissions to individuals in the "Additional Individual Permissions" area and assigned interaction levels.  

Once you've chosen the Members that will have access to the discussion, you'll want to apply the interaction level you'd like to grant these Members with access. Below are the interaction options to choose from

View means a member can only view the file.

View and Edit means a member can do all of the above plus edit/upload a new version of the file.

View, Edit and Delete means a member can do all of the above plus delete the file.

Administer means a member has the same rights as the account administrator for the file.

See these options in action below:

discussions screenshot

Can Permissions be changed after setup?

Yes, you can change permissions on any existing discussion. Permissions on an existing discussion can be update by Account Administrators and Group Administrators. The only time a content contributor can set permissions is when they create a new discussion themselves. All access levels are the same as listed above in the new discussion section.


Thanks for exploring the new feature release for Discussions. We hope it will come in handy! If you have any suggestions for more enhancements to the tool, please submit a feature request or sponsor others submittals on our roadmap


If you'd like more help with how to use discussions, schedule up a time to speak with our team now below:

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