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The famous film composer John Powell once said “Communication works for those who work at it.” So have you ever stopped to think, are you actively working on your communication channels? Bearing in mind I'm not just talking about your personal life, but professionally are you ensuring there are practical and easily accessible channels of communication for everyone involved in your business?

A study showed that 97% of workers believe that communication impacts tasks every day! 1


Some find it easy to communicate - while others struggle with it. Whether or not this is the case with you, in order for a business to thrive and grow good communication is required at all levels. On top of assisting your business, there are many other benefits that come from effective communication, including ensuring your colleagues and your staff are content and know they they are being heard. This makes for a more comfortable and open work environment and in turn has a positive effect on your clients.

Can technology help open up communication channels?

Firstly, did you know that 55% of employees feel that of employees feel that a mobile app would help them become more engaged with their company? 1

Find out more about our mobile app here! 📲

There are many technologies that help in B2B communication with clients. One such technology is a client portal where a digital client experience can be pair with the traditional in-person or virtual meetings of today's climate.

Research has shown:

  • > 96% of people think the businesses they deal with could improve when it comes to communication and project management 1
  • > 22% of businesses that primarily communicate with their clients using an online tool rate their project efficiency as “Excellent” vs 12% of businesses that primarily communicate with their clients via email. 1


At Clinked, we specialize in providing client portal software for client centric organizations wanting to offer a digital client experience. A client portal such as Clinked offer a variety of methods to communicate with your clients and partners with your internal team in a brandable environment. Clinked offers multiple languages, customizable welcome notes, announcements and a Reach Out feature. These are designed to help you communicate with those you work with, and are especially useful when working remotely. 


Let's take a look at some of our features for communication and collaboration:

1) Announcements

Ever needed to get a quick message out to everyone without having to send out a bunch of emails? The Announcements feature is perfect for this!

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 09.43.47Simply type in the information you would like to relay to your the members of your groups, update the colour of the announcement to suit and save!

2) 1 to 1 & Group Chat

Everyone seems to be texting, whatsapping or face timing to quickly communicate. Chat is an effective tool to keep in touch with clients and teams, however security and privacy are paramount with client data. Clinked delivers 1-1 and group chat functionality across platforms to your clients & teams - perfect for remote working!

With one to one chat, you can easily start a chat with any individual member of your group to have a quick, direct message. Or if you want to quickly message the whole group you can use the group chat functionality.

The Clinked app can be white labeled - schedule a time with our team to discuss how. 

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3) Reach Out

Reach Out is another easy to use communication channel to contact multiple client groups at once quickly. This gives the option to send out immediate communication to select groups without having to merge contact lists, search CRMs or emails, and risk sending to the wrong contacts.

It's ideal for immediate communication with your clients - from a monthly newsletter or event invitation to a notification of your business go-forward plans.

New reachout image

4) Welcome Notes

Welcome notes located within the Group homepage provide a way to communicate with your teams & clients. 

These can be designed to provide provide key resources to your clients and are there to establish your client group’s purpose. For instance, the welcome note below shows an introduction to the Fund and buttons for quick links and access upon logging in. 

Budex-Fund-I group view-1

Learn more about all these fantastic communication tools on our latest client webinar, Communication Using Clinked

Communication Using Clinked

Alongside business purposes, we wanted to share some ideas for keeping up communication during the Christmas period.

So here's some fun ideas on how to do this in the holiday season whilst remote! 

8" Claydough Gingerbread House w/ Lights

First up we have Gingerbread wars!

Simply send your staff a gingerbread house kit, organise a time to have the competition via a video conferencing system and let the competition begin.

The best part about this virtual party game, is everyone has a delicious treat ready to eat after the game is over and the scores have been counted!

Gingerbread not your thing? Why not try something a little less PG...

 A Virtual Cocktail Party (that sound more like it?!)

 Have all participants make a cocktail of their choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on     preference) and bring it to the virtual Christmas party. But why stop there.. pop on your finest cocktail attire to do the presenting of your  homemade drink!

And let's not forget about the classic secret Santa secret santa

Even though everyone is remote, this doesn't mean we can't carry out the classic present  exchange.  The only difference is the presents need to be posted prior to the call, to ensure everyone has a gift they can open for the virtual Christmas party.

With all of this in mind, reach out to your family, your colleagues, staff and clients. Keep the communication flowing and the Christmas spirits high!

For more information on how a client portal can help you with this, click below to speak to a member of  the Clinked team today!

clinked button

1 https://www.project.co/communication-statistics-2020/  


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