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Infographic: How To Improve Client Relations
Maia Creed
By Maia Creed
on April 19, 2017

Improving client relations should be a top priority for all business owners. Research shows that almost 80% of sales come from existing customers.

How to boost Employee participation in Collaboration
Daniella Richt
By Daniella Richt
on April 19, 2017

So your company has embraced Cloud collaboration (and is aware of the vast benefits collaboration can offer, such as the efficiency with which projects can be managed, the increase in productivity and communication, and the quality), however your employees are slow to participate and use the...

Cloud Collaboration: What's in it for my business?
By Edward
on April 19, 2017

Cloud collaboration is important in any business; it can have an impact on quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, accountability and ultimately the bottom line of your business. The Cloud allows collaboration from anytime and anywhere; editing and synchronizing documents, as well as...

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