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How to Store and Organize Client Information in 2024
With increasing data for businesses to collect and process, knowing how to store client information and...
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9 Key Customer Communication Tools for Businesses in 2024
A client communication tool is a key component of any business strategy, whether for sales, marketing, or...
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8 Top Customer Self-Service Portals For 2024
Have you been getting too many direct customer support requests lately and wished you could keep the...
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Protecting Your Customer Data in the Age of AI
We have all heard of AI. There is a lot of talk about how it is revolutionizing the business landscape,...
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10 Best Client Management Software in 2024
Managing client relationships is the backbone of every successful business. Businesses that prioritize...
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8 Best Accounting Practice Management Software in 2024
Today, amidst one of the fastest business environments, accounting firms are under pressure to keep up with...
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How to Create an Effective Business Plan for an Accounting Firm
Thinking of starting your own accounting firm? That's great! Getting success in the high-demand finance...
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How to Streamline Client Onboarding Process Effectively
Did you know that the journey of long-term client loyalty starts from the moment a contract is signed? It's...
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How to Safely Send Sensitive Data via Email?
One easy way for businesses to talk to both internal and external partners is through email. Because of this...
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8 Best Project Management Software for Accounting Firms
Imagine a bustling accounting firm during the peak of tax season: papers scattered, frantic calls, and...
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Ready to Master Client Management? Here's How!
Imagine you're planning a large dinner party, with guests from various parts of your life: work colleagues,...
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How to Create a Patient Portal for Healthcare Providers
The digital transformation within the healthcare sector is undeniable. At the forefront of this revolution is...

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Press release: Rabbitsoft is now a certified Google Apps reseller
Rabbitsoft, the company behind Clinked, has been designated as an official google Apps Reseller. This follows...
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A Clinked Christmas
Award-winning project management and collaboration software, Clinked, has already sealed a coveted place in...
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Announcing Clinked Public Beta
Out in the wild! Clinked brings together your group’s content, collaboration and conversation in a shared...
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