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What Is A Virtual Data Room?
What is a Virtual Data Room A Virtual Data Room is a secure online repository used for the secure storing and...
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Is Your Legal Services Practice Considering White Label Software?
With the increasing demands of the legal services industry, looking after your clients well is essential for...
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Is Clinked customer portal software right for my business?
Customer portal software offered by Clinked can be hugely helpful to many types of businesses. As companies...
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2020: Client Relationship Key Insights
A new decade, a new opportunity to wow your clients with a personalised touch and provide insights about...
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The Importance Of Branded File Sharing Software
Integrating branded file sharing software could not only give your business a competitive edge, it can make...
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Enterprise Collaboration Software In The Cloud
It’s 2016, meaning that cloud collaboration software is nothing new for enterprises. From the likes of Slack...
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Why White Label Software Could Be Your Solution
With the percentage of businesses in the UK whom have adopted use of the cloud sky-rocketing by 75% since...
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5 things an SME needs from a collaboration tool
So you're an SME- You and your team work on lots of documents together and regularly share them with your...
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How to boost Employee participation in Collaboration
So your company has embraced Cloud collaboration (and is aware of the vast benefits collaboration can offer,...

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Most important recent developments in the accounting industry
Over the last year, accounting businesses worldwide saw a continued shift towards digitalization and...
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Clinked in your community
Following the commercial release of Clinked at the beginning of December 2011, we have worked hard to bring...
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Cloud-covered collaboration or nebular nonsense?
These days, it seems as if everything in the business arena is about trying to get more for less. In an age...

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