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The Potential Role of Cloud Computing in Traveller Education


Cloud computing is one of the current High Tech 'buzz words' currently in vogue with those claiming to be in the know. Many people don’t know what it means, or don’t even care, after all if you aren’t in IT what has it got to do with you?

The uses of Cloud technologies are, however, manifold and one of the most widely beneficial is the ease of communication and collaboration offered by The Cloud. Originally designed as a product to help businesses, products such as Clinked have also proven to be an effective tool for education.

In the past the tools available to teachers were limited to their knowledge, tenacity, and the books possessed by the school. In the modern era, however, technology has increasingly placed more and more resources at the disposal of those charged with educating our children and young people. The computer and the advent of the internet has opened up entirely new ways for teachers to educate and for children to learn.

Now cloud technologies such as Clinked are taking education a step further into the future. With Clinked those working in education can overcome previously insurmountable challenges, as well as more everyday issues.

Travelling communities

In the United Kingdom there is a population of around 120,000 travellers of varying backgrounds, some Romani, some Irish. Whatever their origin however, children from these families need to have an eduction, but their traditionally migrant way of life often makes this challenging. Families from travelling communities are faced with the stark choice of abandoning their heritage, or risking their children’s' education being compromised.

Today many of the schools where these children are registered struggle to teach them via a crude combination of email and face to face lessons when the students are in the local area. Many teachers will admit frankly that this is not sufficient and that despite their best efforts children from travelling communities are placed at a disadvantage

With cloud computing and specialist communication platforms like Clinked, this sporadic and inadequate contact can be replaced by a solid connection, allowing teachers to share notes and review student work whilst their pupils are on the road. The Discussion capabilities make it possible for the students to have in depth conversations with their tutors, without the hassle of endless emails, and get directed feedback on work they have uploaded. Messages, work, notes and advice are all kept safely in one place, easily available when necessary, wherever the teacher or student may be.

The purpose of technology from the earliest times has been to improve man's way of life, making it easier and more fulfilling. Why should we not continue this tradition in modern education?


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