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Manage your Tasks on Clinked more efficiently

In response to popular demand, you can now manage your project tasks within Clinked and communicate task status more effectively with your team members:

  • Assign a due time to a task deadline. This means you can set a task to be completed on April 20 at 15.30, instead of just a due date without a time.
  • Set task status. Define task status as either "Not started", "In progress", "Completed", "Deferred" or "Waiting" for your team workers to see.
  • Indicate task progress. Pull the progress bar to represent the % completion achieved, allowing your project team collaborators to quickly assess project progress.
All these new features are neatly integrated into the task list, which also illustrates each task's progress in relation to its deadline with corresponding colours.
Take a look at the Task management video below to see how easy and powerful managing tasks can be in Clinked.


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