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Agency Project Management: Best Software

Project Management Agency

Agency project management software can help you keep the demands of this busy working environment under control. From managing multiple projects for multiple clients to keeping your staff abreast to the latest signups and who is responsible for what, an agency project management portal can help you stay on track of your workload and keep your clients satisfied.

Industries that could benefit from agency project management software

With multiple clients to manage in an agency setting, organizing your projects well is essential for your business. Here are the different types of agencies that can benefit from project management software:

Marketing and PR agencies

Marketing and PR agencies can make use of the multiple formats of file storage from a project management software. From documents like press releases and marketing plans as well as social media slide decks and high quality images can all be stored in one central place. Tasks and calendar tools can also be used to plan post scheduling and deadlines for clients.

Graphic design agencies

A design agency can benefit greatly from cloud project management software. File uploading, downloading and viewing means that you and your clients can see the developments of the work and can comment with their thoughts on it. 

Communication tools like discussion boards, comments on files and private messaging mean that you can share your opinion and work on the development of files together within the platform.You can also track the progress of the work with tasks and dates and responsibility can be assigned within a task management feature.

Media agencies

Making sure your clients are well organised in their own online space is a useful tool  cloud project management software can help facilitate. Media agencies can also benefit from the multiple file formats that are supported by client portals like Clinked as well as the handy preview tool to easily find what you are looking for. 

Care agencies

An online project management portal can be used to organise staff and communicate with clients like care homes or hospitals. You can also manage care workers schedules and keep important personal files. Due to the sensitive nature of the care industry, confidential files and information can be easily locked away and only accessed by relevant colleagues.

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Why a client portal is the best for agency project management software

Now we have identified who can benefit from project management software, let’s take a closer look at the beneficial features provided by client portals and how these can best assist lots of types of agencies.

Communication focused features 

An agency setting naturally involves a lot of communications between lots of stakeholders, both formal and more relaxed. Communication is key to ensure jobs are completed on time and to the specification required, especially when this is for a client that you are likely to be working with on a remote basis. 

Clinked’s portal has communication features present all throughout the platform, from commenting on files (including using emoji reactions), being able to annotate directly onto pdfs, as well as discussion boards for the whole team and individual private messenger. For example, Clinked has a handy reach out feature for sending messages to multiple groups at the same time, useful for updates that affect several of your clients at once.

Branded workspace

When working with external clients, you want to reassure them that your services are professional and are worth the investment they are placing in you. A clean and organized project management portal with your own branding can reassure clients that they are working with the best.

In some rare cases, client portals allow agencies to have a custom domain name. For example, Clinked offers the chance to have a custom domain name so that your clients feel secure from the moment they sign in. There is the option to have your company’s logo, colours and even add a personalised favicon to elevate their experience. Your branding can be carried throughout the portal, with a custom email domain and email notifications from updates within the portal able to be branded too.

Personalized access

Security is a concern for many companies, especially when sensitive information or guarded release dates with highly anticipated content is at stake. Project management software should prioritise security across the platform, such as offering bank grade end-to-end encryption and customizable access that you can assign to members like Clinked. 

Alongside your included members as part of your clinked package, you also have the opportunity to invite temporary members, which is incredibly useful for the changing people who need access to your portal as you work with different clients.

We hope this article has helped highlight why a client portal is the best for agency project management software. With the fast-paced nature of this environment, you need an agile and intuitive portal to deliver the quality of service your clients expect, and the Clinked platform can help you achieve this. 

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