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What is change management?

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What is change management

Let’s say that there’s an organizational change needed within your business, which has been driven by a need to implement a new technology. Whether that’s to improve current work processes or to become more competitive in your industry; you’ve been exploring options for software, and have finally settled on a solution after months of researching, meetings, demos and trials.

In order to ensure the success of implementing this new technology, you need to practice efficient change management, particularly with the departments and team members that the software will directly impact.

Simply put, change management occurs when you support teams and employees through the process of adapting to a new way of working. And implementing new software is just one example of when this is needed. So, this article aims to explain why change management is important, and how to ensure its success.


Why is change management important?

As your business is making a change, you need it to happen with as minimum resistance as possible. And this will only be possible if your employees have an understanding of how this transition will affect their job roles and how to work with the changes. Without this understanding, performance and engagement are going to drop and your change will less likely be successful.

The main aim of change management is to get the support of your employees, in this new way of working, as they are the main drivers to ensure success. But, how exactly can you ensure success?


How to take control of change management

Change is never easy, and there will be people that want to resist it. However, it’s necessary for business and personal growth, and so change management should always be taken seriously.

So, if you’ve got the go-ahead to implement your changes, here are some necessary steps to minimize the threat of “change fatigue” and successfully onboard your departments and employees.


Always be transparent: Communicate the effort that is going into this change, and how it will be a positive impact for those involved. If you take the time to be open and explain your choices, with enough notice, you’ll find that your employees will be much more supportive of your decision.

Address any concerns: Open up the floor for feedback. Make it clear that you appreciate any feedback, and to provide reassurance where necessary. The key here is to keep team members and employees included throughout the process and to provide plenty of opportunities to air out any concerns.

Offer additional support: If your employees have a complete understanding of any new changes, adoption rates will be much higher. Video tutorials, live demos, phone calls, emails or knowledge repositories; you should be prepared to adapt to different learning styles, in order to get the most success. It’s a basic step to take, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Evaluate the success: After implementing your change, you need to evaluate its success; otherwise, there would have been no point in introducing it in the first place. Have you noticed an improvement in performance, both in terms of the business and employees? What is the feedback? Always evaluate and re-evaluate.


Now that you understand what change management is, why it’s important and how to ensure its success; you can now be ready to take on a transition and get your team on board, too.


If you want to bring new technology into your business, we’ve got a five-step list that may be useful for you to read, take a look here.


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