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Business Cloud Infographics | 2 min read

How the Cloud can make you a better manager.

It's well known that management isn't the easiest of tasks. When you're being bombarded with tight deadlines, you might need a tool to help ease the pressure. The answer? Cloud collaboration. There are solutions for making your life easier.

how the cloud can make you a better manager




Capabilities to virtualise fundamental business processes (like holding meetings online) can save time and don't require your workforce to be together in the same place. If your staff are working from home, there is no reason for them to miss a meeting. These perks are excellent for your workforce too- adopting flexible working will help to increase employee satisfaction and that might even be followed by an increase in productivity.

Project Management

Collaboration software can help your project schedule and budgeting.  With task management tools, managers can organise assignments and monitor their progress. Employees can set the status of each task so that management knows exactly what needs to be done and what is already completed. These features can also highlight what tasks are left to be done, whilst making clear the proximity to deadlines. When you're budgeting, having it documented in the Cloud means that others with spending power will know what is left and know not to overspend.


With tools to monitor version history, management can effortlessly assess the timings of multiple projects and monitor visually each team members' contribution to your documents. This is likely to lead to an increase in efficiency and could also lead to increases in productivity, whilst improving your team's working culture.

Knowledge Sharing

With a centralised infrastructure of information, knowledge can be shared and absorbed more freely. Employees can explore a network of their colleagues' knowledge, allowing them to learn and develop individually. This really benefits the workforce when they are working out of the office.


Getting feedback from your workforce is always important. A lot of the time you would prefer to have this information sooner rather than later. With social collaboration tools, employees can instantly submit their feedback to management online from any device with a WiFi connection.

The benefits of Cloud collaboration for managers is immeasurable. With the assistance of collaboration tools, managers' work and responsibilities become more efficient and simple. Launching your organisation into the Cloud can lead your company to reap huge rewards and can make a huge improvement to your company.

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Business Cloud Infographics

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