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I am sure many of you have used instant messaging in some way or another, whether it be in iMessage, Whatsapp, your smartphone or Google Hangouts on your laptop. We have all wanted to converse with a group of people to collaborate, fix a problem or plan a meeting with friends. Well good news as we at Clinked have launched our group chat platform. The Group Chat is built straight into our already existing software making it a seamless experience, below are some details about the chat itself;

Clinked group chat


Clinked group chatWhat is Group Chat?

Instant messaging designed purely for Groups (Teams, Departments and Divisions).

What can you do with Group Chat?

Invite a client, colleague or partner to chat real-time, collaborate and make faster decisions. You will never forget who said what and when, you can make the conversations visible to other stakeholders so that they can join the conversation anytime.

Why is it unique?

Group chat is different than private 1-to-1 chat in a way that the conversations are open and visible to all team members so that any group member can join the conversation, share ideas and link with your team in real time. Group chat is perfect for projects, teams or entire departments so that everyone is aware of what's going on and collaborate to make things happen, FAST!

Persistent Chat History

Clinked Group chat saves your conversations FOREVER! so you can catch up on things you missed while you were away, and pick up right where you left off.

Secure, Private Group Chat

Your conversations are password protected and safe. You will need to be a member of the group to see and contribute to the conversations and all communication uses 256 bit SSL security (the same as online banks).

As you can see a lot has gone into making our Group Chat, we hope you enjoy it and please give us any feedback by email or on our social media forums.

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