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New branding features and attaching Clinked files

Have you been taking advantage of Clinked's current branding capabilities? Well, Clinked is proud to announce even more!

What's new?

The main exciting new function is the ability to upload bigger logo and background images for your top banner. This means you'll be able to truly put your stamp on your client portal. Perhaps you'll chose an inspirational image, in keeping with your company website or branding.

So what does it look like?


To set and enable these features, simply open your account settings and click on the branding tab. You'll then be able to upload your larger logo, background image and even your own favicon.

More Features: Attaching Clinked files

With this new release comes another great new feature. You can now attach Clinked files universally. This change means that you no longer have to upload a file from your computer in order to attach it to Tasks, Events, Discussions and Pages. Simply click on attachments and select the file from your Clinked files section in the same attachments pop-up box as before.


We're handing over everything to you. We hope you can get creative and make the most out of these excellent new features!



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