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Issues with Ineffective Client Interaction

Project Management Cloud Collaboration

Inefficiencies within our organisations are one thing that we have been trying to improve since forever. It's always going to be a reoccurring  element of your business management, but there are ways to be close to maximum efficiency. The core contributor to inefficiency is frequently inefficient client interaction and we're going to address some of these pitfalls.

issues with ineffective client communication

Waste less time, Waste less money

On average, employees waste 30 minutes a day scouring the office in search of specific documents. This statistic may seem pretty minimal, but when you find out that this costs $3,900 per year, per employee, you'll soon wake up. In 2012, the average American salary was just over $44,000. This means that 8% of precious business employee expenditure is going to complete waste. This is completely unnecessary. Simple processes such as virtualising your office means that instead of searching half an hour for a document, you can get a full-text search to find it for you, in a matter of seconds. Businesses need to realise this.

Keep focused and on track

Another startling statistic says that 70% of projects overrun. This has got to be down to poor management. With Client and Team Workspaces, you will have the tools to effectively manage your projects. In some cases, you'll also be able to get the system to automate it for you with features such as reoccurring tasks and events which each fit into a neat calendar that is available for your whole team and clients to see. Now your team can see what deadlines are looming and effectively prioritise elements of your process.

Realise that a tool is needed

Forbes stated that "Customer’s impressions of a business are established through digital engagement forcing businesses to recognise that “software is the brand”". This is completely true. Our business environment has descended completely into a digital age and it is important for organisations to keep up with it. As we enter uncharted waters perhaps in our management knowledge, it is vital that we take external knowledge on board and build it into our business.

Put failure prevention in place

With 68% of projects failing due to poor management, it's important to put measures in place to assist your managers. The beauty of these tools is that they can guide your whole team throughout the project from start to finish, which will hopefully result in your business soaring ahead of 97.2% of the rest who aren't even completing all of their projects.

Open up communication

Encouraging multiple ways to communicate on a universal system helps your team to keep their interactions organised and clear. It also adds flexibility to the way they work and introduces another level to accountability.


It is essential that businesses break down these barriers and open up a culture of collaboration. This will benefit businesses by not only saving money from direct efficiency improvements but also financial benefits relating to improved morale and increased project success rates. It's also important to make sure that you find the right tool for you so make sure you explore plenty of options and ones with the best value for money and range of features.

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