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WordPress 2016 For Your Business? Challenge Accepted.

The Internet revolution brought with itself this permanent obsession of updating, which makes the user more pretentious, hence more emancipated, and WordPress 2016 has to keep up.

wordpress 2016

Same as other online programming systems, the platform must adjust according to the consumer’s preferences in a heartbeat. It is a challenging task, by all means, but this brand-new WordPress 2016 breaks down some new barriers.


Does Twenty Sixteen live up to our expectations?

Having a pretentious user is a good incentive to keep on updating, though. WordPress 2016 understood the importance of a meticulous design-content balance and it made a priority out of it by developing the Twenty Sixteen Theme for the New Year. At first sight, the theme is rather minimalist, clean and elegant, but upon closer inspection, Twenty Sixteen is a CMS goodie-bag filled to the rim with fresh features.

Named after the jazz musician Clifford Brown, the 4.4 version comes packed with great news: a handy optional right sidebar, five multi-colour options, a one-column layout to arrange your content as you see fit, and custom excerpts to highlight posts easier. And this is not all that WordPress 2016 has to show off.

The WordPress 2016 theme offers a responsive design implemented from the get-go: every image you upload will be displayed according to your device’s type and instantly cropped into four sizes for you to choose from. The consumer is always on constant move, so the mobile-friendly add-on is ticked off as well. This way, you hit two birds with one stone: you enjoy the new WordPress 2016 features and your websites will load faster, saving you time for other projects. As they say, you get the best of both worlds.


WordPress 2016 – advantageous for both parties?

One question remains: what’s in it for online users? The answer is simple: it’s a win-win situation. Leaving aside the mechanical aspects, the design gets more and more attention. Good quality content can take you a long way and the means you choose to display it with are as important as every other little aspect.

For example, you can embed videos from WordPress 2016 as fast as you do with Youtube videos or tweets. Readers will see the post’s title, its excerpt, the feature image, the website’s icon and a link to comments. This tool facilitates online sharing between different WordPress blogs, Cloudup, Reddit Comments, Speaker Deck, VideoPress and ReverbNation.

This new theme is a real wind of change in the content management systems market. WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform, but a fully integrated system, which alongside a well-developed project management software makes your work more efficient. For now, the Rest API is responsible for this, but due to advanced technologies, more updating is to be expected in the near future.

On the off chance that WordPress is not yet in your business vocabulary, have a look at the video below to familiarise yourself with it.


But who has the last word, after all?

Regardless of how you wish to communicate online, the goal is the same: to make the reader interact with your content and, if possible, forward it to other people. As long as you create a perfect atmosphere for him to feel welcomed, without overdoing it, he will read your posts, and the most important thing is that he'll come back scrolling for more.

Personalisation is the core of any open-minded business plan, so customising your content is mandatory. Beware that people are searching not only for interesting content but for something they can relate to as well. Choose only that content management system that won’t let you down.

WordPress 2016 is meant to help build up such an environment by handing you over a tidy, neat packaging tool for your posts: the Twenty Sixteen Theme. WordPress 2016 is a content management system in constant change. Therefore, the Twenty Sixteen Theme is to be explored, at least out of mere curiosity.


Whether we use the Web for work or if it's just a pure entertainment instrument, we have something in common: we are all online consumers. And thanks to our desire to receive good quality services faster, brands like WordPress must adapt and create a digital habitat where people feel comfortable to both work and play.

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