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Clinked introduces new auto-expire feature for files and folders

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Clinked introduces new auto-expire feature for files and folders. Now users of the brandable team and client portal can share content such as separate files or whole folders with an external non-member audience and set the expiration date of when the content will be no longer viewable and in essence, expire.

Simply go to the 'Quickshare' button to the right of any file or folder, enter the receipients'  email addresses and then set the time and date of expiration required. It's simple.

This comes as part of Clinked's ongoing development work on the tool to ensure the features and overall user experience are providing optimal functionality and ease of use. It also ensures that file sharing and secure cloud based storage are seamless for Clinked's many thousand users.

Clinked is an SaaS tool developed and produced by Rabbitsoft.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-12_at_16.08.31.png New auto-expire feature

About Rabbitsoft

Rabbitsoft is a software engineering and development company, headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Its mission is to connect millions of people and organisations regardless of their size or technical ability to the potential of their shared knowledge, helping people work more efficiently, more productively and innovate faster.

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