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Folder following - Receive automatic email updates when changes occur

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We regularly receive great feedback from our many thousands of users. We also receive feedback on areas where we could improve on the many features of Clinked. We take all these requests seriously and implement a huge number of them...
A recent request was to improve the 'File Following' feature. By 'Following' a file you automatically receive an email notification when the file has been modified by another member from your group. This following feature keeps you notified when files are being worked on by colleagues.

Introducing Folder Following

Well, we have now enhanced file following feature and introduced 'Folder Following'. This works in a similar way to 'File Following' - however, in this case you click to select a folder to 'Follow". Consequently, when any changes are made to any of the files within that folder you will receive an email notification. This means you can keep close to all the work being carried out on any of the files within a folder. What if someone uploads a new file into this folder? Even better, Clinked automatically adds this file to those you are following within the folder and notifies you by email of this new file within the folder. This enhanced feature of 'Folder Following' is another unique feature from Clinked.

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