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Clinked's New Features


Here at Clinked we are always improving on and developing our Client Portal and Team Collaboration App.

We want existing and potential subscribers to know we listen and aim to please by continuing to make Clinked so easy and intuitive to use, as well as stay up-to-date with the latest features and functionality that collaborators, project managers and teams alike need for their client communication, team management and productivity efficiency.

Here are the three latest updates - we hope you enjoy! and if you haven't already started utilising Clinked and seeing how invaluable and impressive it is then do sign up here for a free 10 day trial and see for yourself.


1. Calendar View 

clinked features
You can now see all your own and your group members' events, all displayed in Calendar View within Clinked. Keeping track of past, present and future meetings and deadlines has never been simpler.


2. Set new Announcements for each separate Group Dashboard 

clinked features

Now you can update important noticeboard style updates and announcements or news in the top right hand corner of the dashboard homepage for your individual groups.

This means each note can be tailored specifically for that group now rather than as a generic note for your overall Clinked account. Upload links to training videos, staff updates or notify clients of deadlines, all in a handy 'front of house' style virtual noticeboard box.


3. Preview shared images on your activity feed before download

clinked features

We know that visuals are important, more and more so in creative industries and projects but in businesses in general. Jpegs, Pngs and Gifs can now all be viewed in the micro-blogging section on the group dashboard activity feed as a preview. No need to download until required. Speed up your day and projects in general with this 'quick view' of images.


We hope that these changes will further improve and enhance collaboration with your clients and your team. Enjoy!

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