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Why White Label Software Could Be Your Solution

Software Cloud White Label

With the percentage of businesses in the UK whom have adopted use of the cloud sky-rocketing by 75% since 2010*, software development companies are constantly trying to improve and distinguish their product to keep up with the evolving market and gain an edge against their competition.

white label solution

When it comes to choosing the right cloud-based software for your business, you can easily get lost amongst the sea of options you’re presented with. But whether you’re looking for a tool that is designed for project management or a software that emphasises its file sharing capabilities, there’s another feature you should consider: white labelling.


The term ‘white label’ goes back to when select copies of vinyl records were given out in white sleeves by record companies. Nowadays, the term white label can describe the process of an unbranded product or a service being sold by a provider, to a brander.


White label software, is fully customisable software that is purchased by a business (brander), from the provider of the white label product/service. The company can then customise the software to match their company branding by incorporating their own colour scheme and logo.


Companies often choose white label solutions for one of two reasons: either they want to start up a new company because of the low start up costs that comes with white label software, or to expand their existing business. By choosing a white label solution for your business, you can get all the benefits and features of your software with the added capability of personalising your tool to blend seamlessly with your brand and create a consistent experience for your customers.


Branding will be quick and easy

Your white label software will normally be ready-made and good to go, fully integrated into your business, so you’ll be able to easily personalise your tool to match your company’s unique branding (your colour scheme and logo for example) and get back to running your business.


Time and money will be saved

You don’t need to worry about developing the solution yourself, which takes a whole lot of your time and money. Instead, you’ve got the white label software provider to do that for you so you can focus your attention on incorporating the tool into your business and introducing it to your customers.


A consistent experience

Because you have the ability to personalise your white label software to uniquely match the rest of your company’s branding, you’re able to create a consistent experience for your customers that looks and feels similar to your company.


Product experts

The company whom you brought the white label software from will be able to provide your tool with the latest updates and features, keeping your company up-to-date and innovative. And if you’re confused about anything, they’ll be there to help.


Customise everything

You don’t just have to customise the colours and logo to match your white label solution to your branding. Depending on your budget, you can customise everything from your URL, your white label mobile app, to your white label SmartSync desktop.


* (Source - Small Business)


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