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Infographic: 5 Benefits Of Customer Portal Software

Client Portal Cloud Collaboration File Sharing Infographics

There are many benefits of using customer portal software for your business. From secure file sharing with multiple clients to improved collaboration between employees, they can benefit your business and your processes hugely. This article and infographic will highlight 5 of the top reasons how businesses can benefit from adopting SaaS applications.

5 Benefits of Customer Portals


Improve Collaboration

Bringing in a customer portal to your business can help your employees to improve their collaboration at work through improved processes and work getting completed faster. Businesses have the ability to work on multiple documents easily with team members and clients, have engaging group discussions in a secure environment more easily (compared to long email chain conversations) and share important files and folders safely and efficiently. 

Equipping yourself with a base of strong collaboration tools as listed above enables you to do your jobs better and communicate with your team easily. Clinked’s stand out collaborative tools on its customer portal software include @ mentioning capabilities to easily loop colleagues into updates on a document or task, our activity stream that documents all recent changes made by members, and the file request tool allows you to directly ask other members to upload what you need.

Increase Flexibility

Unlike working together in an office environment with set working hours, an online customer portal is able to be accessed 24/7, so clients and team members can log into the portal from anywhere, at any time. This opens up your workflow to be completed even if your clients and teammates are working in different countries and time zones, or simply if colleagues need to work from home or update files outside of normal working hours.

Flexibility comes in the increased mobility of your business with customer portal software. Your clients and team members can now access important documentation, keep up to date with internal conversations and follow important events coming up. 

Clinked’s customer portal is flexible for users due to its hosting in the cloud rather than a local intranet. Your work is also accessible from a phone through the Clinked mobile app, making getting your tasks done even easier. Having all these tools can help keep employees engaged and easily reachable, and as a result, you would expect to see workers more productive too.

Customize your users experience

Following on from increasing flexibility, customer portal software that can be personalized makes the whole client experience much more memorable and lets the client know that they are valued. Going the extra length to provide a branded portal for your customers demonstrates to them that their experience is a priority for you.

Clinked’s customer portal can be personalized through different company colours and logos being added to their dashboard. Clinked also makes it easy to change the standard terminology of tools, so if your company would rather refer to ‘tasks’ as ‘projects’ then this can be edited by yourself and changed whenever you want. You can also turn off certain tools for clients if you know that they are not necessary for them and this helps to keep their dashboard cleaner. 

Secure File Sharing

With client data and potentially sensitive information being dealt with, strong levels of security will be a common feature of customer portals to ensure documents are kept safe. Customer portals often feature bank-grade security to ensure the maximum protection of your files, as well as additional security features to keep data secure at all times.

Clinked’s customer portal software offers end-to-end encryption to protect your work at all times. In terms of accessing the portal, Clinked users have the option of setting two-factor authentication as well as automatic lockouts for incorrectly logging in with a wrong password multiple times. Individual user permissions can also be assigned to ensure only the relevant people have access to certain files, and our comprehensive audit trail maps how your members have been using the platform and who has accessed which documents. 

Fast and simple communication tools

Communication is key for any business working in the cloud, and when using a customer portal to achieve all your work, you should also expect great communication tools to support your projects completed from within the platform. 

Clinked’s customer portal offers multiple ways to communicate with your colleagues and clients. The instant chat feature makes it easy to quickly reach teammates, whereas discussion boards can facilitate longer conversations with multiple people. Documents uploaded into the portal and tasks can both be commented on, and administrators can also make use of the reach out feature that allows you to send messages to multiple groups on your portal at once - handy for changes that may affect multiple clients which then saves you repeating messages.

A customer portal can provide so many great benefits for your business, and this infographic shows a handy snapshot of what you can get out of utilizing one. To see for yourself how the benefits can make a difference for your own company, book a demo with us today to get started.

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