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Clinked's Client Knowledge Use Case (Coming Soon!)


If you use Clinked, it won’t come as a surprise that there are many use cases for a client portal. Different industries benefit significantly from using such a platform, particularly with all the advanced features that Clinked offers. We've been adjusting our internal use case of Clinked to move towards a client knowledge platform.

What is a client knowledge platform you may ask? Client knowledge is the junction between external clients and internal team members - from executing client contracts and management and two-way secure document transfer to contacting all clients about an upcoming client event. With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to explore how we ourselves are looking to use Clinked with clients. Since we’re already use Clinked as an internal team platform to complete our work - we thought why not share our client knowledge use case reasoning and how we plan to use its full capabilities as well as integrations with other systems? 


How will we use Clinked to manage our clients?

Our Clinked team are designing how we can use Clinked to better manage our clients in a number of different ways. Firstly: customer support, we want to give our clients an easy to access environment where they are able to view any outstanding service requests or reported bugs that are in the development stages. The objective is to offer transparency on how long the task is expected to take, with a clear overview of all progress made, and communicate any blockers or dependencies stopping progress. 

Next up, onboarding new clients - we want all new clients to have access to their own groups with detailed training materials, video tutorials, and other tools to demonstrate how to use all of the different features of Clinked. Lastly, client management - regular communication with our clients will be accessible for their reference and ours as well as our monthly newsletter and other documentations to keep everyone up to date. This will include any new feature releases and other news such as our latest blog posts, Clinked stories and feature requests. 


How will we utilise integrations with other systems?

A huge benefit of Clinked is that it integrates with different application and software products used within your organisation. At Clinked, we use multiple different systems such as G-suite for internal communications, Zendesk for customer support and HubSpot for sales/marketing. With direct integrations, as well as our new Zapier integration, it’s now super easy to connect these tools to automate processes between the different apps you’re using. 

This means that we’ll be able to continue using these systems - whilst having a central environment (Clinked) that pulls in the information from each different app, without us needing to do it manually. This will give us the transparency that we want for our clients, by providing them with an area they can always access for updates. As well as simply having consistent communications from our team - ensuring that everything is running smoothly



When will we be rolling this out to Clinked clients? 

We plan on launching our client knowledge use case to Clinked clients in the new year. If you already have a Clinked account be expecting an invite to our portal!

If you have any questions and want to talk about how you could use Clinked for client knowledge, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team at support@clinked.com


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