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New Feature: Configurable File Column Views

Anna Sayers
By Anna Sayers
on September 25, 2019

What started as a customer request and great idea aligned with our product roadmap, is now fresh out of our developer’s hands and delivered to all! Inside Clinked, all folders can now be configured to display in column view high level information that is the most relevant to clients, team members and you - including the highly requested approval status

What information you may be asking? Well we’re glad - options include the usual File Name and Size to the evolving status items such as Date Last modified, Approved/Not Approved, Version, and Summary. 

From Clinked admins to contributors, all members can now clearly display any of these categories on a file directly from the list view without opening the file. And this is customisable in your view so Thing 1 has her view without boggling up the way Thing 2 prefers his view.

How’s that for nifty? 



And it’s easy too - let’s give it a try now with the Approvals option...


The number of different versions of uploaded files



And the file summary (written when a new version of a file is uploaded). 



So whether you consider yourself to be Thing 2 - otherwise called Thing A, Super Thing, or Think King - or Ben, we hope this new feature helps you achieve your individual file viewing preference

Are you a Clinked user and have a cool ideas for new features?! Great, we’d love to hear it! Visit our public roadmap to submit and follow feature requests

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