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Free QuickBooks Alternatives For Small Businesses

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QuickBooks is an accounting software package that can be a very useful tool for small businesses to organize their finances. It allows users to keep track of a range of different financial utilities, including invoices, expenses, and customers. Everything is displayed in real-time, giving businesses a continuous, up-to-date version of their financial landscape.

Free QuickBooks alternatives are out there, and the free version of QuickBooks is available for a limited time to ensure it is the right fit for your business.

Is There A Free Version of QuickBooks?

While QuickBooks is a tool that every business could benefit from, it is also quite expensive, which may not suit small businesses or new businesses starting out. To ensure QuickBooks is the right fit for you and your company, they offer a free trial of their software for thirty days. After the thirty days, your business has to choose between three different software packages to subscribe to, or else you cannot use their services.

What Features are in Entry-Level QuickBooks Packages?

There are several different packages available to subscribe to within QuickBooks; Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus, but the entry-level packages have everything a small business would need to keep track of its finances. It comes with a subscription for one user, and is the cheapest of the three subscriptions on offer. The entry-level package comes with a range of different attributes that any business would need to keep its finances streamlined and worry-free.

Track Income & Expenses

QuickBooks can track money coming in and out of your business through its invoice system, which can be automated if needed. It also has an expenses section where any expenses the company has can be logged. These expenses, in turn, can be sorted into sections for tax filing.

Send Custom Invoices & Quotes

Invoices and quotes can be sent to customers either manually or automatically. They can also be personalized with a specific message tailored to your business-customer relationship.

Connect Your Bank

To help track your payments and expenses at the click of a button, QuickBooks can be connected to your business bank account, where you can add specific transactions pertaining to your day-to-day business operations.

Track VAT

When starting your own business, one of the biggest financial tasks that need to be completed is filing your taxes. In order to do that, every company has to keep track of how much VAT they need to pay. QuickBooks can easily do this for you within its VAT section. From every transaction, it can calculate how much VAT is accumulated so that the amount is easily tracked and can be paid correctly every year.

Insights & Reports

Along with keeping all your finances in order, it also gives you an overview of the last number of months to show the business is developing and running. It is here where you can see if anything has not been addressed or if a section of the business isn’t performing optimally.

Capture & Organize Receipts

Another great feature is that you can add any receipts for your expenses or any other relative financial section to your QuickBooks account that your account can use during the annual tax filing for your business.

Other Features

There are even more features included in the entry-level QuickBooks subscription, including a free QuickBooks phone app so it can be utilized on the go, free online and phone support, and secure cloud storage for your business to store any important financial information.

Is There A Version Of QuickBooks Without A Subscription?

QuickBooks only offer subscription packages at the moment; there are no options to buy the software outright like with other business tools. If QuickBooks is too expensive or not the right fit for your company, there is a range of other free financial software programs that may be more suitable for your business.

Free QuickBooks Alternatives

When it comes to looking for an alternative to QuickBooks, there are many options available. Free alternatives can offer a great way to manage your finances without having to invest in expensive software.


ZipBooks is an accounting platform that could be a great attribute to your business. Unlike QuickBooks, ZipBooks has a plan that requires no fees. This is something that would suit smaller businesses or businesses just starting with little to no customers. When your business grows, if needed, your ZipBooks plan can be moved up to a higher plan with more attributes.

Within this platform’s paid version, users can easily organize their expenses with an effective smart management system. This invoicing system is directly linked to a real-time overview of how much has been paid by that specific client. It can be connected to one American or Canadian bank account. Also, there is a business health overview section which gives a general overview of all the information that is contained within the platform.


GnuCash is not a web-based accounting platform but a downloadable for all operating systems, including Windows and Mac. It provides businesses with professional, detailed financial reports with a clear and concise multi-ledger structure. Unlike most accounting software, GnuCash has a range of pie charts, bar charts, and scatter plots that can be utilized to present any data.

This system can be used by one user, so it is perfect for a small business just starting out. This platform is not something that larger, more complex companies could utilize as it does not have the range of features to deal with multi-level income streams. But as a starting financial account platform, it is perfect.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a cloud-based financial software instead of a web-based one. It is a system that suits micro businesses that can be a worthwhile, free accounting tool. With this platform, a single user can create professional, customizable invoices and track everything from expenses to money flow. Some features can even be automated to suit the business in which it is utilized.

Users can automate up to five different workflows. Timesheets and time tracking can be utilized to keep on top of all financial aspects of the business. Customers will be automatically sent reminders when payments are overdue. The reports generated from this software are clear and concise and can be used in annual business tax filings. It provides a secure connection that keeps all financial information safe from cybercriminals.

Even though it is a great tool for new and small businesses, if you go above five customers, want additional users, or unlock the auto-scanning feature, a business will have to purchase a subscription plan.


Synder is a financial platform that gives real-time access to your business’s money flow from either your payment platform or your e-commerce website. It is user-friendly, with 24-hour support if any problem does occur. It can deal with several currencies at once, which is perfect for companies that work in a range of countries. It gives instant analytics and financial reports depending on the criteria needed. Invoices can be made and sent to customers quickly. Any inventory can be added to the software and tracked at every stage to ensure they reach the intended customer.

However, with this software, it can initially unclear to utilize everything it offers. As it is only based online, it cannot be added to your smartphone as an app. Synder is an excellent alternative to QuickBooks, and your business can try a 7-day free trial to ensure it is the right fit.


If security is your number one priority after finances, then Clinked may be the perfect fit for your company. It is a secure portal with many intuitive features that may help small businesses reach the next level, not just with their finances but their whole business. Our portal is fully customizable with any company branding and can be used on a web browser or on the mobile app.

Within the platform, the company’s financial progress can be tracked in real-time, along with sharing different files, approving and signing important documents, and creating meetings and events. There are different communication tools, such as real time chat and discussions to collaborate with customers and team members easily. Accept payments using JotForm.

This portal is unique as it has bank-grade level security with two-factor authentication and encryptions. Additional security features can be added if necessary. The data can be manipulated into a report for tax filing or auditing. Any existing financial data can be connected to this portal for a smooth and easy transition. This software will transform your business as a whole, not just its financial landscape.

Clinked white label + mobile

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Read More: Starting with client billing? Check out our guide on "How to Bill Your Client for the First Time" for essential tips and a step-by-step process to ensure your first invoice is professional and effective. Perfect for those moving on from free QuickBooks or beginners alike. 

Alternatives to QuickBooks Are Out There

There are many alternative financial platforms for your business to utilize if QuickBooks is too expensive or not the right fit for your company. The best platform, regardless of your company’s size, is Clinked. It will not only help elevate the financials of your company to be organized and analyzed but can also be used to streamline the rest of your business. It provides your company with a highly secure and safe space so that there is no worry of an attack from cyber criminals or any information leaks. It is a platform that every business should have as it grows with the company, so there is no need to move any information to a different platform, undermining its security.

If you want more information on how Clinked can help your small business grow or are interested in starting your journey toward a successful, profitable future, then head to clinked.com to find out more.

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