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How a client portal can help your marketing agency thrive

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Collaboration is at the heart of what makes a great marketing agency, well… great. The coming together of ideas, concepts and experiences enable agencies and clients to create unique and powerful marketing campaigns, ads, events, designs and video productions.

Often, a plethora of emails, group chats, mood boards, images, videos, mind maps, documents and too many digital resources to count, all contribute to the creative process. Managing that vital pool of resources can sometimes be an almost impossible task - and let’s not even talk about how, apart from managing all of those resources, everything is kept safe and secure!

Thankfully, long gone are the days of keeping such vital resources in the office filing cabinet or balanced precariously on the edge of a desk.

All of the elements a marketing agency, and crucially, their clients need, can be managed, shared, updated and stored (securely) within a client portal.

In addition to a client portal service providing a turnkey (no development costs here), professional and efficient way to manage client and project information, some advanced platforms, such as Clinked also provide audit trail functionality. An absolutely essential resource for busy agencies and their clients who need to keep track of projects with ease.

Nobody knows more about the importance of branding and the consistency of the brand message than a professional marketing agency. With that in mind, Clinked has provided a platform that is white labelled - that is to say, that marketing agencies are able to rebrand the platform with their own logo to add professionalism and extended value to their clients.

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All your files, all of the time

Of course, in the new post-pandemic, WFH, always-mobile world in which we live and work today, having access to absolutely all client information any time, anywhere is vital to ensuring exceptional client service and ultimate efficiency. With that in mind, client portals will generally provide mobile app-based versions of their platforms too, so if you’re not in front of your desktop/laptop at home or in the office, you can still manage your client projects from your smartphone with no trouble. Again, this is a feature offered by Clinked.

It’s the ability to respond in realtime with full access from anywhere that makes client portals particularly valuable to marketing agencies. Those quick and immediate responses are often referred to as ‘microtasks’ and ensure that projects are continually progressing without the dreaded “I’m not in the office right now - will do it later” response of old.


Move fast - don't break things!

The clear, just-in-time, rapid responses and client collaboration provided by agencies that utilise client portals are the domain of the client-centric marketing professional - and with the business landscape so competitive, delivering client satisfaction at the highest level is crucial to client retention.

‘Moving fast’ is the de facto for marketing professionals employing the use of client portals, and it’s responsive client management that keeps clients, as clients.


A platform designed around your business

While there are plenty of options for businesses looking to adopt a client services portal, at the time of writing, only one platform offers additional development, bespoke functionality and the integration of your own workflow within the scope of their offer - no prizes for guessing which platform I’m talking about… hint - it’s Clinked.

So if, following a free demo of the platform it’d not 100% right for your business processes and client management workflow, fear not. Talk to the team at Clinked and they’ll work with you to develop exactly the right functionality for your business and your clients needs.


The bottom line

Here’s the bottom line. The integrated suite of collaborative workflow tools within a professional client portal are designed to help your marketing agency manage projects, clients and collaboration securely and with ease. Clinked enables you to boost your efficiency and provides enormous value to your clients and your team at an incredibly affordable cost with no need for the development of your own platform. Consider too that, unlike many SaaS platforms, Clinked is developed specifically to avoid the dreaded software learning curve by offering an impossibly intuitive UI and the only question is, what’s not to like?


Next steps

The most successful marketing agencies in the world use client portals like Clinked. Sign up for a free trial now at www.clinked.com and take your marketing agency’s efficiency to the next level.

If you need any more information drop us a line - the team at Clinked are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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