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Best Marketing Agency Management Software In 2023

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Marketing agency management software helps organize and streamline processes and teams to give clients the best service possible.

Marketing is the way that businesses connect their product to their customers. It is an integral part of any business’s model; without it, most companies would fail to gain any traction in their market sector.

Marketing captures the story and image behind a business, and organizing it correctly is vital. For modern companies, a lot of marketing is completed on social media and other web-based platforms. Marketing is constantly changing to keep up with new trends, and businesses need to do so as well.

This is where marketing agency management software comes in. For a marketing campaign, there are so many different parts that need to be completed. Using marketing agency management software, processes and teams can be organized and streamlined to give clients the best service possible. There are many types of marketing agency management software on the market, and this article will go through some of the best options out there to ensure that your marketing efforts are the best they can be.


Clinked is an agency management software that specializes in helping marketing firms deliver top-quality services. It can streamline business operations and ensure that they keep providing excellent service. Clients and their teams can be separated, which makes delivering projects faster and easier. Teams can also share files easily so that a marketing project can be completed from beginning to end within the Clinked software.

Clients can design a custom mobile app for their business with their own branding, giving a more customizable feel to the software, and it can be paired with all major social media and marketing platforms. Unlike most marketing software, Clinked also has incredible security. Any information shared within Clinked software is secure and safe as there is two-factor authorization and end-to-end encryption. It is the perfect software to enhance your marketing operations while keeping them protected.

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SEMrush is essentially an SEO tool, but it can do much more. It can be used to find specific keywords to help businesses increase traffic on their website, which will also improve their ranking on Google. Each keyword search compiles data to show how the particular keyword will rank and what their competition is doing for that particular keyword.

This software can be used with Google products, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress, to name a few. It contains features that can be tailored directly toward PPC, content, and social media. Clients can be separated into individual projects where their backlink progress, traffic trends, and site ranking are stored.

Along with SEO optimization, SEMrush can create, and market paid ad campaigns. With easy integration into all social media platforms and other internet-based marketing tools, it is easy to design, control and track every part of a client’s campaign, making it a valuable asset for content marketing agencies looking to streamline their digital marketing efforts.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is software that can manage and organize content for marketing agencies. From Sprout Social dashboard, clients can be integrated with the leading social media applications and platforms. Their campaigns can be designed, planned, and scheduled according to each platform applicable. If a client’s marketing advertisement needs to be posted on one social media site at 9 am and on another at 10 am, Sprout Social can accommodate this.

Each advertisement posted for a client has its own set of analytics, which gives an overview of how the marketing is performing and how many potential consumers are viewing it. Sprout Social can highlight the best-performing posts and what keywords resonate with consumers. This tool is a must-have for a marketing agency that works with many clients, as all the clients are separated into their distinguished areas.


CoSchedule is a software program that marketing companies can use when they have bigger clients with many moving parts or different campaigns. During marketing campaigns, social media calendars, blog posts, schedules, and customer outreach can be compiled and organized by CoSchedule.

Inside each client dashboard, marketing campaigns can be scheduled, tasks can be allocated, and posting on social media can be automated for every major social media outlet. There are specific templates that can be used to schedule different marketing advertisements.

If a part of the marketing campaign needs to be rescheduled, there can be easily changed using CoSchedule’s drag-and-drop function. To make it even more user-friendly, if anything in the schedule changes, everyone on the marketing team will receive a notification. This helps with cross-functionality and teamwork.


For small to medium-sized businesses, Scoro is a platform that targets a company’s marketing, advertising, and consulting areas. Within Scoro, there is a user-friendly central control hub where everything is controlled, including scheduling, tracking team workflow, and client relations.

It has a range of features to make marketing agencies’ lives easier, including the construction of invoices, running reports, track KPIs, to say the least. This software can also be uploaded to your phone in the form of a mobile app so that all campaigns can be managed in real time.


BlogHandy is the ultimate blogging management software designed for bloggers and content creators. With its user-friendly interface and mobile app access, managing your blog has never been easier. Whether you're a solo blogger or part of a creative team, BlogHandy offers a bright and intuitive platform to streamline your daily activities. You can stay on top of all your projects with a comprehensive view and access real-time data to gauge the success of your blogging campaigns. You can make your blogging campaigns with BlogHandy's powerful tracking features and tools. Plan and schedule content effortlessly, integrate social media, and quickly analyze performance. BlogHandy empowers you to create captivating blog posts that resonate with your audience. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that BlogHandy's top-notch cyber security measures protect your valuable data.


Brighton is a management software designed especially for marketing or creative agencies. Its software is designed to be bright and easy to use regardless of the size of the team using it. It gives a comprehensive view of all projects a business has ongoing. Real-time data is constantly flowing to provide a realistic view of the marketing campaign’s success. All this data can be accessed through their main web platform or their mobile app.

Within Brighton, there are many tracking features and tools for enhancing any social media or blogging campaigns, plus a lot more. For companies that want software that is easy, fun, and creative to use, Brighton is the one to choose.

While all these software programs have something to offer marketing agencies, Clinked has something others do not possess. On top of being applicable for marketing agencies to optimize and streamline their daily activities, it has excellent cyber security. Anyone who runs an internet-based business knows how big a threat cyber hacking and cybercriminals are, but with Clinked, companies don’t have to worry about this.

If you are looking to update and bring your company to the next level, Clinked can help. All the information you need to start your journey with Clinked is one click away; see Clinked.com for details or book a demo here.

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