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How Does Santa Use His Client Portal? [Infographic]

Client Portal Infographics

How Santa Uses His Client Portal infographic.jpg

This year Santa wanted to step up on his organisation and productivity, so he bought himself a client portal. But how does he use it to organise Christmas and his elves?

File sharing and collaboration

It’s important for the elves to be able to easily organise and prioritise Santa’s letters from within the client portal. This makes work easier for both Santa, so that he can have on-demand access to his letters from anywhere.

Firstly, the elves can upload multiple letters into the client portal, before organising them into folders. The elves can then request for the documents to be approved by Santa before the preparations for the Christmas presents can begin.


Cohesive communication

When Santa travels for business meetings overseas, the elves use the client portal to easily keep Santa up-to-date with the latest progress back at headquarters, so there’s always transparent communication between the team.

What’s better is that there’ll be no need for email. The elves can communicate with Santa through the client portal, as features such as ‘commenting’ and ‘group chat’ are included in their client portal software.


Did you know? The average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to email, according to The McKinsey Global Institute. This equates to 28% of our work time, and 650 hours a year spent on low-value work. (Sanebox)


Document disaster recovery

The software vendor regularly backs up Santa’s client portal, so all of his important data can always be recovered. This means that Santa’s data will be safe from any damage caused by fire or flood.


Did you know? More than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a significant loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood. And what’s more, professionals in a paper-based business workflow spends up to 35-50% of their time searching for information due to lack of a centralised repository (for example, a client portal). (Fulcrum)


Virtual project management

Because the client portal is in the Cloud, Santa can efficiently manage his elves from anywhere. This means that Santa can efficiently assign tasks to individual elves, prioritise and set the deadlines, all whilst monitoring the progress of the team.

For the elves, they’re able to follow their fellow team members’ (and Santa’s) progress so they’re always in sync; as well as the progress of their own tasks, whilst keeping to their deadlines and updating their boss as they work.


Secure data protection

Santa can control the file permissions within his client portal, making sure that he knows who can access certain documents. He can control who can edit documents, and who can simply view them. This added level of control allows Santa to closely monitor the usage of his client portal, reducing the risk of internal data breaches.


Did you know? Internal employees account for 43% of data loss, with half of the leaks being accidental; according to a study from Intel Security. When internal employees are involved in a data breach, customer information is affected 25% of the time, whilst most of the time employee information is compromised. (SC Media)

Efficient event management 

Santa uses the integrated group calendar, within his client portal, to add in his important upcoming dates (hint: that includes Christmas day). He even sets up reminders, sets certain events to recur, and invites his elves to join some of the events that include them.


So, do you think a client portal could benefit your business too? Sign up for Clinked and start your free trial today!


Happy holidays from everyone at Clinked!

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