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Infographic: How To Be A Productive Project Manager (Using A Customer Portal)

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Using a customer portal can make you a more productive project manager when used efficiently. Here’s an infographic highlighting some of the reasons why this is the case.

How to be a productive project manager (using a customer portal) new.jpg



What is ‘productivity’?

Being productive doesn’t necessarily mean that you get a lot of work completed within a short amount of time. It is about managing your time, utilising resources, and producing high impact work.


Did you know?  

28 hours a week are spent writing emails, searching for information and internal collaboration. *

‘Reliability’, ‘ease of use’ and ‘ease of integration’ are the top three requirements that project managers look for when shopping for software. **

44% of project managers do not use software, despite the fact that it’s found to increase performance and satisfaction. **


It’s time to take action

There are simple changes that you can make, as a project manager, that can help you to improve the productivity of your day-to-day tasks. By making your workplace a more productive environment, you can achieve better results; as well as improve daily communication and collaboration within your team.


Delegate your tasks

Use customer portal software like Clinked and make use of the project management features included. Increase productivity by delegating tasks to individual team members. This way, you are showing your team members that you trust them to take control of tasks, whilst also having the extra time to focus on other important tasks that demand your attention.


Encourage brainstorming

Allow team members to brainstorm more effectively using a customer portal. They will have the ability to create discussions forums, and have creative conversations within a secure workspace. Ideas can be discussed in one place, encouraging thoughts and opinions from all team members; reducing the threat of accidentally isolating individuals.


Keep employees updated

Customer portals are great for keeping your team updated. Having the whole team in the loop can increase transparency and improve the workflow of projects. For example, you can send out notifications, add events to the team calendar (and send out invitations, reminders etc.), approve and reject files, and continually update the progress of current tasks.


Embracing new software


Collaborate with clients

With ‘ease of use’ being one of the top three requirements that project managers look for in software, it’s worth noting that one of the benefits of customer portal software can improve the ease of collaboration with clients (and team members). Having a customer portal that includes all of the necessary features (shared team calendar, controlled user permissions, planning and task scheduling etc.) will ensure that collaboration is easy and efficient.


Save time and money

Ensure that your projects are completed and delivered on time. By having a central location where all of your projects and team are situated, there will be less time wasted on searching for information within a traditional office environment (for example, Clinked has a Universal Search Bar, which allows users to quickly bring up any document that is already in the portal). Therefore, projects can be completed faster and money can be saved.


Improve communication

Improve the efficiency of communication between your team members and clients. Having 24/7 access to a customer portal will allow you to communicate with your team members – including your remote workers who live in differing time zones – from anywhere, at any time.


More benefits of using a customer portal can be found in this infographic, created by Clinked.


Have a look around our website, find out more about our customer portal software and sign up for your 10 day free trial if you think Clinked could be the right customer portal for your business!




* Infographic: 5 Benefits Of Customer Portal Software - Clinked

** 14 Suprising Project Management Statistics - Capterra

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