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Top Managed Cloud Service Providers in 2023


Managed cloud service providers ensure that all of their client’s cloud-based systems are installed correctly, monitored, maintained, and updated regularly. By outsourcing its cloud management, a company can confirm that it is running optimally. If any problems occur, they are taken care of swiftly, with as little downtime as possible. 

A different skill set is needed from the managed cloud service provider depending on the type of cloud service the customer has, or would like to install or upgrade to. Along with customer influence, they can optimize and improve their cloud system or design a new one entirely from scratch. These conditions are all down to how much, or little the customer wants to keep of their original cloud platform

Why Use Managed Cloud Service Providers?

There are several reasons why companies would opt to outsource their cloud management to a company. 

Save Money

Employing a managed cloud service provider will reduce a business’s overheads significantly as it is cheaper to outsource the management rather than hiring an in-house team to monitor and upgrade the system. Most managed cloud service providers charge a flat monthly subscription fee so that their customers can financially manage their services without going over their budget and running into financial issues. 

Constant Support

If an unforeseen event does occur, managed cloud service providers’ customer service work 24/7, so they should be able to provide a solution quickly with minimum downtime. 

Automatic Upgrades

They can provide automatic upgrades to ensure that their customer’s cloud platform is up to date so that they get the most out of their system and are safe from cybercriminals. Clients are free of the burden of constantly updating their systems so that they can concentrate on more critical aspects of their business. 

Managed cloud systems should provide the best cloud platform for their customers regardless of what their business does. They can even integrate multiple systems so that they can work simultaneously.

What to Know When Choosing a Managed Cloud Service Provider

When choosing a managed cloud service provider, a business should know what type of cloud system they want to install.  They should have a rounded knowledge of all cloud systems that can better direct them to the optimum system for your company. This ensures that they can advise you I the best system for your business. 

Potential clients should vet managed cloud system providers to ensure that they align with the goals you have for your business. Once vetted, they should understand the provider’s contract before signing it. Clients should be aware of their rights regarding refunds, uptime, customer service and information security. 

Also, another factor to be aware of is if the company has ever had security breaches, and if they have, then the details of the occurrences should be looked at. 

Customers need to be aware that there are some factors that need to be discussed before committing to outsourcing their cloud management. As they are giving people outside the company access to information and data, they need to be wary. If the provider isn’t correctly vetted and their security system is correctly checked, this can open companies up to vulnerabilities and potential attacks. But this should not be an issue if a company is correctly vetted. 

Also, depending on how complex your cloud system is, the costs of the managed cloud service provider could range from small to extensive, and it is something a potential client needs to consider before employing their services. 

The Top Five Managed Cloud Service Providers

There are a wealth of cloud management service providers throughout the globe, but here is a list of companies that provide exemplary service to their customers.


Accenture is a managed cloud service provider that delivers cloud systems primarily in Europe, North America, and Asia. They provide multi-cloud use and are experts in all the leading cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure ad Oracle Cloud. Accenture not only provides a cloud platform but also manages the infrastructure of the cloud service, including updating and monitoring. It can offer a general cloud service for all business sectors, but it is an expert in the government, scientific and financial sectors. It can provide a reliable service for any size company, both small and larger. But it has limited experience in offering compliance requirements such as GDPR. 


Capgemini is a managed cloud service provider that expertly delivers a multi-cloud service globally. They can expertly manage cloud systems in the manufacturing, retail, and financial business sectors. Through Capgemini’s service, clients can design a new cloud system or upgrade its system to work on various platforms like Virtustream. Along with designing cloud systems, they can also provide customer and technical support. They can help clients identify which processes can be moved to the cloud and can ingrate systems together so they are more streamlined for the best and quickest strategies. Capgemini is best utilized by bigger businesses looking for combined IT/OT cloud-based solutions. 


Deloitte, like Capgemini and Accenture, has happy customers that use their services globally, especially in the financial, insurance, government, and healthcare sectors. They can support multi-cloud on platforms such as VMWare and Oracle Cloud. They can design the client’s cloud systems from scratch and build them a customized cloud environment based on their client’s exact needs. By working directly with their client, they can identify their business areas that need improvement. Deloitte focuses on bringing larger companies into the 21st century by transforming the way they use the cloud. They are primarily a consultancy business but are starting to integrate managed cloud services into its repertoire. 

NTT Data

NTT Data has a wealth of satisfied customers in North America, Asia, and Europe, but it would like to expand its customer base worldwide. They primarily focus on managing cloud services in manufacturing, healthcare, and financial businesses. It can provide various types of cloud-based systems, including hybrid and multi-cloud. The platforms that they provide can be paired with systems from AWS and IBM cloud. Rather than design, they focus on customers who are looking to update the cloud system that they already have implemented and also to move some of their processes so that they are completely based within the cloud. Along with cloud management, they can provide a range of other services, including planning, security and identity management, to name a few. NTT Data have extensive industry knowledge, which makes them experts in providing a state-of-the-art cloud-based system. 


Clinked is a managed cloud service provider with clients worldwide in several business sectors, including financial, insurance, legal, government and accounting. We help clients discover what their cloud systems are missing, along with designing them an immersive, collaborative space in which information, data and files can be stored and shared securely. We deliver their designs quickly and efficiently, which gives their customers security from their wealth of knowledge and expertise. We can add a range of different features to their services, including secure messaging, custom domain, and two-factor authorization. Clinked can handle any request, no matter the complexity. They are the industry leaders in customized cloud systems and customer satisfaction.

managed cloud service provider

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Any of these companies will provide clients with an excellent cloud-based system, but clinked will give the most customised and secure cloud service. They also add a range of different and useable aspects to your business, making it more collaborative, innovative, and streamlined. They are the perfect fit for any business wanting to take its product or service to the next level.

Visit clinked today to start your journey to a cloud-based secure, and optimised future.


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