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Managed Cloud Services: What’s New for 2023

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Managed cloud services involve the creation and management of a client's cloud platform or system. This management service completes the migration, maintenance, security, configuration, and streamlining of a cloud platform. The main benefit of outsourcing this is that a company can confidently know that the cloud-based section of its business is as efficient as can be. But it can reduce costs as they do not need to hire more employees and incur substantial training costs.

If you are still unsure whether you want to store your business data in the cloud or on-premises, you can learn more by reading our Private Cloud vs On-Premise article. We also have a handy How To Build a Private Cloud: Step by Step Guide.

Managed cloud services can provide private, public, or hybrid cloud systems, depending on the customer's needs. An initial assessment of the client is completed to ensure that the optimized cloud product is chosen for the client. Once the customer clarifies the specific elements they want implemented into their new system, the service provider can create the desired cloud platform. 

Managed cloud services can be utilized for any company regardless of their age. These services can be integrated during the birth of a company, especially if it is an e-commerce business. Also, managed cloud services can be utilized in a company that is in a period of growth, and they need cloud management continuously to ensure that the business gets the full benefit of its cloud platform. 

Manage Cloud Services: Who Implements a Cloud Platform?

A managed cloud service provider (MCSP) implements and monitors the client's cloud. These service providers will offer a subscription to their wide range of services. They can replace an in-house IT team or act as a consultant for the IT team already in place within a company. Check out our list of Top Cloud Providers in 2023.

Top Cloud Providers 2023

Managing cloud systems can involve a number of essential tasks, including real-time IT engineering, operations management, 24/7 help service, hosting, and initial implementation of the cloud system. By utilizing such valuable services, your in-house IT team can concentrate on more critical initiatives that can result in higher profits or new business for the company.

When making such an important business decision, weighing the pros and cons is essential. The benefits of this service can vary slightly depending on the provider; typically, there are several benefits that will boost your business's productivity.


Optimizing Client’s Resources

This will ensure you receive the best service to optimize your company's methods while minimizing costs. Most vendors will assess the platform you already have and give a range of suggestions to streamline and improve your system.

Combine Cloud Platforms

This service has many benefits, but the main one is providing integration support. This service is especially beneficial if you are considering a hybrid cloud system which is more detailed and harder to manage than traditional cloud platforms. It also supports a multi-cloud platform, which connects cloud services from a number of individual providers. Both of these cloud configurations are more complex to install and monitor than a singular cloud platform that a smaller business may use. 

Suppose you are adding new resources to your existing cloud system. In that case, managed cloud service providers will ensure this integration runs smoothly, and all users can have access to its information at all times.

Subscription Service

Most managed cloud services are subscription services with several different plans depending on what your company needs and want to build in the future. This method of payment is excellent for businesses, especially small businesses or start-ups, as this service is a predictable monthly payment, which gives businesses more of a handle on their finances. Also, it provides businesses flexibility as they can be confident of their monthly overheads and bills. 

Some vendors provide a credit system for services, allowing clients to increase their managed cloud services when they need additional support and guidance. But also reduce their services during slower periods throughout the year. Depending on the business, this may work better than a subscription service or vice versa.

Disaster Recovery

When running a business, it's always beneficial to have an emergency recovery plan. Such plans guarantee safety and protection for your company’s data from any unexpected events. Having managed cloud services will not only help create this kind of plan but also offer backup solutions such as restoring the cloud if something goes wrong. It’s important to secure not just your information but peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared for anything.

Offering round-the-clock client service, they are always available to provide immediate assistance with any issues that arise and swiftly resolve them.

Managed Cloud Services - disaster recovery

Money Saving and Regular Updates

By using managed cloud services, businesses can save money on in-house IT expenses and maintenance fees from their cloud system.

With technology continually evolving and changing, businesses need to keep upgrading and updating their cloud platforms to ensure they are in front of market leaders. By utilizing managed cloud services, companies can concentrate on expanding their customer base and other vital tasks as their provider will monitor and update their cloud infrastructures regularly or when needed.

Secure and Reliable Cloud Network

By selecting this service, you are not only gaining access to a secure and advanced cloud platform, but also the expertise of professionals who have an in-depth understanding of how to protect your data from cybercrime. The experts will design and monitor the cloud system to ensure that it meets all your business requirements while providing robust security measures so that any information added is safe. With their wealth of knowledge about digital systems, they can guarantee unparalleled protection for your business against unauthorized access.

Although managed cloud services can offer a multitude of benefits to businesses, there are some potential drawbacks that should be taken into consideration.


Managed Cloud Services Drawbacks


Additional Costs

Although most managed cloud services are subscription based, which makes them manageable for companies, it is still an extra expense on top of your basic cloud budget. Depending on what level of service your managed cloud service is providing, the costs can range from reasonable to substantial. Although this cost is still lower than hiring an internal team, it needs to be managed with precision in order for you to obtain the appropriate service that your money deserves.

Security Risks

It's essential to choose a managed cloud service provider with stringent safety protocols if you want your data safeguarded when using their accommodating multi-tenant platform. This type of platform allows the provider to work with multiple customers at once, so it is vital that all security measures are in place and heavily enforced. With this precautionary step, you can be confident your data and applications are safe from any potential risks.

If they do not have adequate security procedures in place, then you may be affected by another customer's cybersecurity issues, which is something that no business wants or needs as you have no idea what security breach you are dealing with. 

So review any security measures you have in place to keep your business as secure as possible.

Managed Cloud Services - security

Managed Cloud Services: How to make the right choice?

When choosing a managed cloud service, it can be hard to know which company will give you the service you need. There are a number of factors that you should consider before choosing a provider.

  • Any company you consider using should have extensive knowledge of cloud platforms and general business operations. Having one without the other will not give you the customized, optimum system you seek. Knowledge of industry best practices and how to quickly and effortlessly upgrade your system with minimal downtime are attributes you should be looking for in a managed cloud service provider. 
  • Also, ask which cloud system they intend to use, especially if you use multiple clouds. You want to choose a company with experience with the core cloud company you initially used, but they should also know about other cloud systems so that they can advise you of any changes you need to make to create the best cloud platform. 
  • Along with having extensive knowledge of cloud systems, they should also be highly knowledgeable in areas of security, privacy and compliance. These factors are critical for managed cloud service to have in order to protect your data. 

Relinquishing control of your cloud platform to an outside source requires a certain level of trust. Managed cloud service providers need complete access to all your company's confidential information, and your cloud platform will rely on their knowledge to function optimally. Due to this level of trust, you need to choose a company wisely, preferably one that is trustworthy and excellent at their job. 

Before signing on the dotted line, always have a legal team look over the contract so that you know your rights regarding refunds, customer support and uptime of their cloud services. 

Managed Cloud Services With Clinked

When implementing a managed cloud service provider, you need to look no further than Clinked. We provide an affordable, scalable and reliable service that is unparalleled. Its system can easily interlink with any cloud system that is already present. 

It can be designed specially by you or in conjunction with one of our experts. During the cloud based custom portal design process, a preliminary gap analysis is conducted to ensure every gap within the cloud system is taken care of. Also, the customer can decide what features must be prioritized during the implementation. Once the design process is completed, Clinked will provide a cost analysis for their service, which is a monthly subscription service. 

Along with managed cloud services, Clinked can provide a range of services that can optimize and make your business more efficient, including Google workspace, storage solutions, private messaging service, customized email and two-factor authorization, just to name a few. 

If you want to improve not only your cloud services but your business as a whole, then contact Clinked and start your professional journey to a more streamlined, secure business that can finally reach its full potential.

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