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Accountants accounting | 3 min read

Why more accountancy firms are choosing Clinked as their client portal

More and more professional accountancy businesses are adopting client portals as a complimentary platform to their existing accounting platforms to help boost efficiency, streamline workflows and further improve client servicing. Here are 5 reasons why more accountants are choosing Clinked as their preferred custom client portal.



1. A white-label client portal for accountants boosts brand value 

Having your own brand front and centre of the software that your clients directly engage with is critical in building your brand and ensuring consistency of brand values and perception.

Clinked provides infinite branding options to ensure the Clinked client portal appears, to all intents and purposes, to be 'your' client portal. That goes not only for the web version of the platform, but also the native app version that will be entirely branded as your client portal app and available to your clients for anytime access.


2. A superior accountancy document management system

Finding client and project information with ease is key to running a business well. For accountants, payroll, p&l, tax data, client details... whatever information you manage or store to run your business, it can all be stored and managed from one central source - within your client portal... the obvious benefits being increased efficiency, streamlined working and enhanced security (more on that later).

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3. Task management for all

Just as good document management ensures smooth business operations, so too does an effective task management tool. But the Clinked task management functionality isn't focused just on internal tasks - you can also assign tasks and reminders to your clients. This is completely joined up task management for premier efficiency.

4. Subscription-based pricing

Cashflow is king, as the old adage says. Subscription based pricing ensures your accountancy firm avoids unnecessarily high upfront costs when adopting Clinked as your client portal. With scalable subscriptions, monthly payments and no long-term contracts, you're in control. 

5. Bank-grade security

With 256 bit encryption, two factor authentication, adjustable user permissions and complex password settings, Clinked provides bank-grade security for you and your clients data. Online security doesn't get any more robust than this.


I've just scratched the surface of what makes an ideal accountancy client portfolio here, and what makes Clinked uniquely positioned in this area. If you'd like to see for yourself how Clinked can support your business efficiency, book a demo at clinked.com/demo


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