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New Feature Release: DocuSign Integration

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We are pleased to announce the release of our latest integration with leading eSignature platform, DocuSign! Due to popular demand from our clients, we are happy to bring this offering to all Clinked users to be able to easily integrate with your Docusign account for eSignatures on documents within your portal groups. 

This integration is ideal for remote working when requiring signatures on documents such as minutes or for approvals to be done electronically. Clients or internal team members can sign from anywhere - even on their mobile - to help you keep connected and workflow moving.

By integrating DocuSign into your Clinked account there will be no need to scan in executed documents or search long email chains to find key signed files. Making it quicker and easier to finalize agreements and other documents requiring signature to continually deliver added value to the relationships of your team with your clients and partners.  

To learn more, let's get stuck in with the details of this integration.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an eSignature solution. DocuSign is the fast, secure way to send, sign and approve documents. With the Clinked integration you can send the files from your portal you need signing to a recipient to sign, once the process has been completed you can access the signed file within Clinked. The process is simple and easy to use; upon selecting the file for signature in Clinked you will be directly navigated into DocuSign for file customization resulting in a smooth transition between the two sites.


Where to find DocuSign in Clinked?

You will find the DocuSign option in the Integrations tab under Account Settings. In the Files section you will see a DocuSign option at the bottom of a File in the tab bar.

How to send a file for signature from Clinked

Firstly, make sure DocuSign is linked ‘on’ by going to Account Settings > Integrations. This process will need to be completed by an Account Administrator of your Clinked Account. 


Once DocuSign has been linked in your account, go to the File you want signed and navigate to the bottom of the File and select 'DocuSign'.

If using Clinked with DocuSign for the first time, follow the steps to accept consent to link Clinked to your DocuSign account. After following the steps, select ‘Sign with DocuSign’.


Insert a subject heading, for instance this could be an instruction such as ‘Please review and sign this document’.  Then type in the signer name and signer’s email address. Press ‘Next’.

You will be taken to your DocuSign account to customize your file.


Now in DocuSign, add any required fields such as 'signature', ‘company name’ or ‘phone number’ using drag and drop. You can customize the sizing and format here. You can insert multiple signatures if you require more than one signature on various pages of the document. Then click ‘send’ so that your signer can receive the document by email to review.


Does the thought of having to monitor who has signed what make you flustered? 

The DocuSign integration will manage this requirement for you- you will receive an email from DocuSign when your File has been signed and the status of the File will be automatically updated in Clinked. 

Want to explore our DocuSign integration in more depth? Read our help centre article here.

We hope this will get you started on using our new feature to save time and create efficiencies in your portal.

Not using Clinked yet? Please reach out to our team if you'd like to discuss how DocuSign integration or a client portal can work for your organisation: 

Want to discuss with a member of the Clinked team?

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