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The Power of Creating a Digital Client Experience

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A great client experience is important for your company more than ever before, now that remote working has become a long-term reality. A digital client experience allows your business to partner your company’s services and offerings with digital interactions to go further. Once you have client knowledge you can use technology to meet expectations.

This is particularly important now as we’ve needed to adjust our business practices to meet the changes in our client relationship. From “Let’s meet for coffee” to “Let’s meet via Zoom” every interaction is shifting to digital - keep up & explore making the jump here! 


Why is a digital client experience important? 

It’s been reported that “86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.” Meaning the investment in a great experience can drive return when your clients feel they will have a better service that meets their unique needs.

Since COVID-19 started people are reporting a shift towards mobile as seen in:

  • 70% of people spending more time on their mobile
  • 47% report spending more time on their laptops 

Due to this, the professionals in the digital experience space are confirming the increase in need. With 69% of digital client experience professionals reporting that a digital customer experience has become more important to their customers. 

Lastly, employees are shifting their adoption towards digital and seeing the value working with clients. 

63% of employees have used digital platforms to strengthen their client relationships since COVID-19

From the everyday consumer to your employees, the momentum towards digital is everywhere. Meaning it’s the right time to ensure your business has a strong digital client experience to meet the expectations of clients.

Digital Experience - Willowbend -1

How do I start? 

Building a digital client experience can sound intimidating. However, it can be straightforward with a bit of planning of the clients existing experience and the right partner technology. When reviewing your client experience, here are some questions to start:

  1. What are the exceptions of your brand when working with clients?
  2. How do your clients work with your business today?
  3. How do you communicate with clients?
  4. What processes are required at the client side?
  5. What processes are required internally?
  6. What systems are used to work with clients - video conferencing, ordering systems, forms, claims - that could be centralised for access?

After going through the above, take the time to call a few close clients to ask about their needs in a digital experience. By asking them, you have the opportunity to walk in the shoes of your client to establish how a digital experience would deliver to their expectations. 

Next up - evaluate how best to “be digital” with your clients. At Clinked, we help our clients by providing a white-label infrastructure that can plug directly into their client processes without significant investment. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revisiting an existing experience, a client portal software like Clinked provides quick wins to elevate your client offering into a digital client experience. 

Paperless onboarding and learning is finally possible given to investments made for teams to work remotely. Digital induction packs can be shared with your clients. Video calls can be used as a replacement for face-to-face onboarding and training sessions. These provide an essential opportunity to understand your client’s needs and expectations. 

When clients start with Clinked, they receive an onboarding session to get them oriented with the system in one 30 minute session. We spend significant time explaining key elements of the portal; from setting up branding to inviting members,  discussing the setting up of the customisable group home, a place where clients will interact with your team. This space is the starting point for many clients to start their digital experience - and create customisations based on content in their group. This is an opportunity to customise your clients, partners or team experience and understand how they’re going to interact together with your business.

Sounds interesting? Speak to our team today.

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Can I see how a digital client experience would look? 

Let’s dig into an example of the power of creating a client experience in a client portal using a tailored group home. 

In this example, we have Willowbend Investments - client of Budex clients, who provide services in administering Willowbend’s investment portfolio. The initial text (called in Clinked a Welcome Note) is used to frame the client experience. Text, logos and imagery create a supporting space for Willowbend to find key components for their working relationship. In addition, their main point of contact and summary of investments are front and center to bring value to those in the group. 

The process to create this custom group home experience was quick. Just create the content you want to display in the group then use "Edit Widgets" to change the layout & add individual views. All Clinked clients can do this on their own or with our support using our widget functionality

More Examples? 

Curious to see how our client went from the standard group to the customised experience shown above? Watch our recent webinar ‘Designing a Client Experience’ to learn for yourself and see other examples. 


We hope this article has helped you understand why a digital experience is important, how to get started and what it could look like. 

There are many choices on how to achieve the best digital experience that works for your business, clients, partners and teams. We’d be happy to explore the options we can offer - book a demo to discuss further!

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