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The Safety of a Client Portal

Data security is important - whether it's company data or personal data. It's information that needs to be kept safe and secure. These days there are plenty of illegal hackers who directly target sensitive information and we need to ensure they are not able to access it. Having a client portal can be a great way to ensuring that your client information is kept safe in one place, without email chains and multiple platforms or passwords to keep track of.Phishing-02

So how do we ensure our data is not going to be attainable to internet sharks? There are lots of important factors to keeping data safe within a client portal - let's take a look at them! 


Password control

Client portals require passwords for the members who would like access, this gives an important layer of security from the first and foremost when logging in. Password control means that you can decide what your users passwords need to include, such as the how many characters it should have. This feature also means that you can change the password criteria if needed, you could change it quarterly to ensure passwords are updated.

Want some tips on how to keep your passwords safe? 

Having a long and complicated password is a great first step to keeping your data secure. Important factors to consider when choosing and using passwords are:

- Choose passwords that include upper and lower cases, a special character and a number.

- Sometimes it can be hard to remember multiple passwords so how about trying a password manager app? iOS and Android have a built in section of your settings for password management! 

- Keep personal "publicly know" information (pet's name or date of birth) out of passwords. 

- Sharing passwords via emails or other forms of communication is unsafe - setup others accessing your data with their own login to the systems you use.



Two factor authentication

Why only have one authentication step when you can have two?

Two factor authentication is a great way to double check a person is who they say they are. It's much harder for a someone to impersonate two devices rather than one!

So how does this work?

When a member of client portal logs in they will have a code sent to their chosen method, such as an authentication app on their mobile device, as a second layer of security to gain access. This means that even if someone has your password, they will not be able to login to your system without this second step to validate identification therefore cannot access the data the member has access to on the client portal.


Cloud Backup

The loss of information - whether a presentation or data set - is stressful and time consuming to retrieve or re-create it. Being able to back up your information is essential to ensure your work is set and you don't waste time replicating it, if that's even possible. Being able to save information or documentation onto a local drive is a first step, however it is not a failsafe and sending via email can be unsecure. As such, many have moved to saving to a cloud storage system to deliver peace of mind around data lost and ease of sharing with others in a secure environment. This also helps if you need to clear space on your device, instead of keeping all the content on the device, save it to the cloud then you can simply download it when you wish back onto your device. When looking for a client portal, a cloud based solution supports your needs to reduce data loss and ensure secure access by appropriate parties across devices and when mobile. 

Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 15.08.18

Audit Trail
Additionally, a client portal can offer a great feature to ensure accountability and audibility of actions taken within the portal across devices and points of access. An audit trail offers the client portal owner a resource to check back through actions taken by members - whether it's uploading documents, or deleting content - to understand uses or troubleshoot when issues are reported across users. 

With all of these great security features included in a client portal, it helps to ensure a sense of ease and unity within a company. It stops emails chains and documents potentially getting intercepted by unwelcome intruders. It also means that you haven't got to keep track of multiple platforms because all of your data is in one place. If you have content or information spread across different channels, why not bring them into one?

So overall, it's a thumbs up for the security of a client portal!

If you think that you would like to start keeping your data secure with us, have a chat with one of our team today or start your 10 day free trial!

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