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Virtual Data Room Pricing: How Much You Should Pay For a VDR

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Virtual data room pricing is one of the most important factors in choosing an online workspace. Virtual data rooms are increasingly becoming a demand for sophisticated companies with sensitive data at risk due to their high functionality levels. Clinked’s client portal software functions as a virtual data room, with many features providing an elevated and secure online experience for its users. Our comparison guide will outline an estimate of what you can expect to pay for a virtual data room package and what should be included with it.

What is a virtual data room

A virtual data room is an online platform with heightened security to ensure a safe working space in the cloud for the most sensitive of industries. For further information on defining features of a data room you can read our previous blog, but it is important to note that a virtual data room should provide an advanced level of security. Clinked.com has a strong focus on high level security as standard, which is why our client portal can be treated as a virtual data room.

How much should you pay for a virtual data room

Virtual data room pricing packages can vary greatly depending on size and users required. There are multiple approaches to pricing from pages to rooms to users, with them varying from cents per page to thousands of dollars yearly for complicated rooms. Pricing is most likely to be determined by your individual business needs. 

Virtual data room pricing structures

By room

The demands of a virtual data room require very stringent and specific security levels which may be very particular to a specific job or client. Therefore the requirements of the data room’s makeup may be necessary to have one room only dedicated to this particular task, such as when auditing or navigating mergers and acquisitions. If your business has multiple sensitive projects to work on, then you may need to purchase additional rooms for each project.

By page

Charging by pages required is still common for virtual data rooms and can be useful if you know the exact scope of your project. Typical charges for pages can be less than a dollar each, however this can become expensive if your project grows unexpectedly.

Regular subscription

Some virtual data room providers give the option to access their services through a set fee, often billable monthly or yearly. You may also have certain restrictions on the storage and users you can access within this subscription, but they are useful for providing a scalable comparison of what is the right package for you. 

By user

For projects where it is known how many participants you will have working on it, pricing by users can be useful to match to exactly what you need, and is scalable if you need to add additional users later.

Virtual data room package options

Virtual data room pricing comparison table

From the table above, we can draw out that security, pricing and online data allowance are key factors for comparing virtual data room providers. Many firms are ambiguous with their pricing, and noticeably offer very low amounts of storage and employee users with their base packages. With Clinked you know exactly what it will cost and prices are incredibly affordable starting with our Lite package. Clinked also enjoys a considerably larger amount of storage as standard, and many more registered users. Here is a further look at alternate providers to compare virtual data room pricing deals.

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Virtual data room pricing comparison


Dealroom’s virtual data room offering has two main options in its Single Room and Professional packages alongside its customizable Enterprise solution. Analytics are available on your user’s behaviour, such as document activity and buyer engagement. Its data storage options are smaller however it places higher focus on being set up to meet the specific needs of virtual data rooms, such as managing multiple deals simultaneously and multilayered levels of permissions for users.


Clinked’s online collaboration software is a great alternative to traditional virtual data room solutions. As well as its generous pricing, user and storage offering, Clinked benefits from several stand out features to improve your data room experience. Our audit trail tracker provides an in depth way to monitor employees' access and interactions with individual files. Access permissions can also be determined down to individual files to keep work secure and integration with external functions such as Adobe Sign for signing contracts and iFrame forms to track who has been working on what by requiring forms to be completed daily. 


iDeals offers multiple package deals, however pricing is dependent upon individual quotes. Businesses can have access to unlimited guest members, but have only 5 administrators in their Pro package, with unlimited guests only available with the upgrade to a Business account. 

With Clinked you aren’t limited to a certain number of administrators and can assign whatever permission functions such as administrator access to any members. You can also have unlimited guest users with Clinked too, which shows the limitations of access you can give to employees. iDeals also offers a similar feature to Clinked’s audit trail in their user activity tracker, which is useful for monitoring users' access to sensitive data.


Sharefile also offers multiple types of plans, with different levels of file sharing and online collaboration spaces as well as a specific virtual data room package. Sharefile also restricts access to limited employee users despite offering unlimited guest access. There also aren't advanced security features included with their standard virtual data room package.


Ansarada’s virtual data room packages are highly customizable depending on the amount of data storage needed and time frame you want to commit to, down to a granular level of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Ansarada does not have as many stand out features of its virtual data room, however it positions itself as a well organised secure system with the ability to integrate with external cloud tools like Google Drive and Outlook calendars.  

Virtual data room alternative

Clinked can be used as a virtual data room due to its strong security levels and customizable and trackable member access to the portal. We provide an affordable base offering with our Lite package, are customisable to your time commitment and payment schedule (monthly, yearly, biennially) and you can build custom packages on top of our standard ones, such as adding on additional members to a package for $1 per member per month. Clinked’s pricing structure is different to most as our packages increase by how many members you have using your platform, which are individual logins. Clinked offers unlimited groups within its portal, which can be treated as a room, meaning you can have limitless rooms at the same price.

Clinked offers free demo sessions with our client success team, and onboarding sessions once you have signed up to make sure you are getting the most out of your data room. Get started with a free trial today or speak to a member of our team.

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