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What is Clinked and what's a Wiki?

Project Management Cloud Collaboration

Clinked is a wiki-based collaboration software which allows people working together to interact and share files wherever they are. It allows users to share the latest versions of whatever document they are working on effortlessly, and keeps all the group members up to date regarding the deadlines and developments of the project. The idea behind the software is to use technology to overcome the problems of collaboration between teams, departments and other groups in a work setting.

So what is a Wiki?

'Wiki' is word used everywhere today, from the well known Wikipedia to cloud applications like Clinked, yet most people don’t know what the word actually means.
When something is a wiki means that it allows creating and editing interlinked pages. So you, as member of an online community, can write and alter articles on Wikipedia for example; and as part of an organisation using Clinked you can edit pages and upload and preview files online, create, store and compare versions, make comments, and lock them for editing when required. The version of the file you work with through Clinked is stored by the system allowing all members to access and work from the most relevant version at all times.
What's special is that Clinked is based on a 'Cloud'- data stored and shared via the internet, making it easily and instantaneously accessible whenever and wherever by those working with it, yet at the same time totally secure.
One of the greatest challenges facing business today is that of communication. Increasingly complex ideas

Any group of people working together on any sort of project can use Clinked to coordinate and streamline their working practices. For those lucky enough to be working with colleagues in the same office the system makes simple things easier, such as sharing ideas, but for those who are faced with the additional challenges posed by today's global economy such programmes are vital, and allow staff of multinationals and other organisations with a transnational reach to perform as efficiently as if they were gathered together in one place.
Internal communication within a company could be boosted through the application of Clinked, with managerial staff better able to gauge the opinions of their employees and contact them directly.

Clinked can also be used to facilitate external relations as well as internal, allowing a business to be more in tune with the needs of its clients and making it easier for companies who need to work closely with customers on bespoke or detailed projects. This unified collaboration leads to a better understanding of the customer and their exact needs and wishes, increasing efficiency and enabling staff to cater more exactly to the client's needs. There are further potential uses for Clinked in education and academia, where it could help teachers and academics to monitor students progress and connect with their pupils and each other,

Whatever their field those utilising Clinked are presented with the same user friendly interface that they, and those they work with, are able to personalise and adjust to their specific needs. Each employee logs in to their own account and can instantly see relevant activity by their colleagues, displayed as an activity stream. Any messages, meetings or deadlines are also easily accessible. If an individual contributes to a discussion or project, whether by commenting, editing or uploading files, the system will record their interest in this content and they will receive updates regarding any alterations to this 'thread'. Email notifications are sent regarding all relevant developments, meaning that everybody is kept 'in the loop' at all times.

Interaction between team members is encouraged by the nature of the software, leading some businesses to describe the experience of working through such platforms as “making business social”. This level of interaction and ends those dreaded multiple versions of the same document, the confusion over who should have been doing what, or the inevitable moment when you realise that you have sat up all night doing a task someone else had already done-you just didn’t know because your copy of the presentation was out-of-date!

Clinked-the good way to have your head in the clouds!

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