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The Importance Of Branded File Sharing Software

branded file sharing

Integrating branded file sharing software could not only give your business a competitive edge, it can make you look more professional and can benefit your customers too.

 In general, branding your business confirms your credibility and can motivate your employees as well as your customers. You can increase brand awareness and encourage repeat business as your customer’s feel familiar and build trust with your company. So, why should this not apply to your company’s cloud software too?


For smaller start-ups, branded file sharing software can be a great way of establishing brand awareness with customers and providing them with a professional environment where they can securely collaborate and share files. And with the scalable, subscription-based packages that most tools offer, your software can grow with your company.

For larger enterprises, such software could be an ideal way of creating a more personal experience for customers and can increase efficiency between larger departments, teams and clients.


But whether you’re a local small-medium business or a multi-national corporation, your clients will still want to be able to easily distinguish the branded file sharing software as your own rather than generic, impersonal software, so that they feel like they’re having a consistent experience with your business.

For instance, Clinked’s branded file sharing software has a number of customisable features that can allow your business to fully white-label your Clinked software to match your current branding. To find out more about that you can head on over to here.

With our branded file sharing software, we wanted to create a better client experience by providing a customisable design to fit completely with corporate guidelines and for customers to be able to associate the software with your specific web address.


Some branded file sharing features to look out for when choosing your software include:


Logo, background and image customisation

This much is obvious. You should be able to add in your own logos, modify your background and colour choices, and have the ability to add in your own images throughout your branded file sharing tool to create a secure environment that your customer’s will easily be able to associate with your company.


Customisable terminology

Having the ability to customise the terminology throughout your branded file sharing software will add a personal touch and give your company that extra flexibility to fully take control of how you want your tool to look. Clinked is just one example of software that can offer this. Prefer your ‘users’ to be referred to as ‘members’? That’s easy enough. As is changing ‘Tasks’ to ‘Projects’ if you think it’s more appropriate.


Optional branded mobile app

Clients and team members that are on-the-go and don’t have constant access to a computer might find it handy to have the option of a branded file sharing mobile app that syncs with the tool to efficiently transfer files from one piece of technology to another.


Your own branded URL

Looking at the finer details, having the option to customise the URL of your branded file sharing software will mean that your website and tool will blend seamlessly together to improve your professional image. For example, with Clinked you can use your own domain name for your software, for example: https://clients.yourcompany.com.


Choosing your branded file sharing software doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. By communicating your needs with your software vendor, you will have endless possibilities when customising your ideal, unique branded tool that will benefit both your business and your customers.

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