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Software Client Portal | 4 min read

4 Signs That Customer Portal Software Is The Right Solution

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As a business owner, you constantly need to find new and innovative solutions to the problems that you’re facing. One of the solutions we have discussed extensively in this blog is a client portal. But how do you know that it is the right solution for you? Here are some of the key signs to look out for.

Your emails are ineffective

Controlling your documents with email alone is becoming overwhelming to deal with

If email chains are getting longer, back and forth file attachments are becoming inconvenient, or important information is getting unintentionally ignored; these signs could suggest that it could be time to start looking for another solution. Customer portal software allows its users to work more efficiently with their files, from within a secure environment. From getting documents edited and approved, checking the status of a project, or sending secure client information; these tasks could be made considerably easier with the addition of a customer portal. And although email doesn’t have to be replaced completely; it’s advantageous to move the bulk of your idea planning, document sharing and event planning away from your inbox and into your bank-grade secure portal, as time can be saved from searching for the necessary information from within your emails.




You're struggling to manage clients

You find it difficult managing and keeping everyone up-to-date, especially when you have geographically dispersed clients

If you have clients or team members located worldwide and in different time zones, keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest project status and allowing them easily access and review documentation can be understandably challenging. This can reduce transparency, which is an issue, as transparency builds trust and increases client satisfaction. The ability to efficiently manage your clients and increase that much-needed transparency, all from within a secure environment, could be achieved with a customer portal. Customer portal software will give your clients instant access to all the documentation that they need, and can allow you to effectively keep track of what is being uploaded, downloaded and commented on.


Your resources are limited

Your in-house IT resources and personnel are limited, and so you’re unable to manage a solution by yourself

Particularly if you’re a smaller company, or a business just starting out; at some point you’re likely to have found that your resources are being stretched thin. In terms of your limited IT department, it’s expensive and time-consuming to manage your own software without a dedicated team of in-house resources and personnel. The solution? A customer portal that is managed by a third-party vendor. With extensive experience in installation, maintenance and upgrades, you won’t need to worry about your limited in-house IT resources. Trust that you can get on with utilizing your solution, such as inviting clients and sharing documents, whilst the vendor keeps it up and running.


You have security concerns

Data security is an increasing concern, and you have important documents that need to be safely shared with clients

If your clients have secure information that needs to be shared with you (or vice versa) and you want to avoid the dangers of sharing details through email or basic consumer file sharing tools such as Google Drive, you’re not being unreasonable. With the average cost of an information security breach an eye-watering $4 million and an average estimated cost of $158 per stolen record (IBM Security), it’s important that your business is taking the necessary steps to avoid such a scenario; and that should start with a bank-grade security solution such as customer portal software. And for companies that deal with highly sensitive information, that may have to meet compliance regulations, a private cloud solution can go a step further in terms of security.


And so, if these four key signs apply to yourself, your business and your clients - it could be the right time to explore the option of a customer portal solution.


Do you need more information? Here are 8 questions you should be asking when considering customer portal software.



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