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A tale of two rabbits: Easter Bunny discovers Clinked online collaboration portal

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As the clocks tick midnight on New Year’s Day, Easter Bunny decides on his New Year’s resolution: the headaches of last year’s unexpected Easter lockdown will not happen again! So after a good night's sleep and ready to face 2021, he decides to call his friend RabbitSoft and signs up to Clinked - his soon-to-be favourite online collaboration portal. Excited about his new investment, he gets to work and dives into his favourite features:

  • A feature rich cloud-based portal to make remote collaboration easy 
  • Easy task management with reminders, shared ownership and deadlines
  • And most important - a white-label mobile app to work on the go! 

Say hello to egg-cellent project delivery with Clinked’s online collaboration portal 

The Easter Bunny knows the importance of a great experience - whether it’s for his clients, partners or peers, so he starts his Clinked journey by creating a group per task force and by customising the home page of each group. This allows him to tailor the experience per team, to only show relevant content and ensure efficient collaboration. In a world where everyone is overloaded with information, it’s important to guide the experience he said - and we agree! 

Once set up, he starts inviting team members on Clinked. It is super easy and only requires a few clicks. And because Clinked’s online collaboration portal is cloud based, the Easter Bunny can efficiently work from anywhere and catch up with his colleagues, partners and clients around the world - remote work is no longer a headache for his team.


Easter blog design-1


Drop your carrots and sticks: task management made easy for internal and external teams

It’s now time to get to work. After all, Easter is just around the corner! The calendar and tasks functionalities are amongst Easter Rabbit’s favourites. He can efficiently assign tasks to individual contributors and reviewers, prioritise and set deadlines, all whilst monitoring the progress of the team. With good work distribution and visibility on workload comes peace of mind and efficiency. 

For Easter Bunny’s assistant and the team, they’re able to follow their fellow team members’ progress so they’re always in sync; They can update the progress of their own tasks, whilst keeping track of their deadlines and updating their boss as they work. It means more time being productive and less time in meetings - and everyone loves that


A mobile app to hop-in when needed and communicate in real time

It’s a secret for nobody - Easter Bunny needs to travel frequently to source the best chocolate eggs around the world. When doing so, he uses his white-label mobile app to stay in touch with his team and ensure consistent and transparent communication with all stakeholders - even he is away from a desktop. Furthermore, he customised his notifications to get hopdated when: 

  • A document has been signed
  • A task status has changed 
  • A team member has sent him a message

With more mobile communication and less emails in his inbox, he can focus on his tasks and ensure timely responses to everyone, stress free. He even finds himself thinking how life would have been if he had heard of Clinked online collaboration portal last year… 


Morale of the story: online collaboration portals are not just for rabbits

Clinked’s online collaboration portal is furry-usly trending at the moment - and not just in the rabbit world! Its user-friendliness and range of functionalities makes it the perfect tool for businesses to keep in touch with clients, partners and more while working remote - and ensuring a perfect experience to all stakeholders in a digital-first world.

The full white labelling capabilities of the platform puts your business front and centre - not ours, so your brand gets all the attention it deserves. 


Interested? Try Clinked for free for 10 days here - no credit card required!

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🐣 Happy Easter from everyone at Clinked! 🐣

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