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New Feature Release: Temporary Members

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The Clinked Team are pleased to announce our latest feature release! Thanks to client feedback, the temporary members feature is now available for all Clinked users. 

Need to invite a user to a group for a restricted amount of time - perhaps an hour or day? This need can be met with the temporary members functionality.


Who can invite a temporary member?

The member types who can use this feature are Account and Group Administrators. This feature is designed at group level, therefore access will be granted into a particular group.

How does this feature differ to guest share?

The guest share function is ideal if you want to share a specific file or folder with a guest without having to invite them into the portal. Whereas, adding a temporary member will give the user full access to the group and it’s content. 


Temporary members - when would you need these?

This feature is useful if you have a client who on occasion needs access into a Clinked group. For instance, this client may be required to review multiple files within the group and comment on some discussions for a set period of time. 

Whilst other clients require access to Clinked groups everyday, this client works on a monthly deliverable - it will only take them 1 hour to review and look at the relevant discussions. Therefore, you could invite this client as a temporary member for an hour or for the day, near the time of the deliverable deadline. This workflow would allow the client to have access to the group when needed and allow the client experience your business requires for them.

How to invite a temporary member 

Navigate to a Group and go to the ‘Members’ area

Click the green ‘Invite or Assign Members’ button- this will bring up the invite box. Enter the email address of the member you would like to invite into the group 

Next select their rights- e.g. ‘Can create content’, ‘Administrator’, or leave blank for read only 

Tick ‘temporary member’ and select the amount of time you would like the member to have access for 



Clicking the dropdown will bring up different options, as pictured below


Selecting ‘custom’ will let you pick a specific expiration date and time for access into the group

Press the blue ‘Invite Or Assign’ blue button to send the invitation 

You will be able to see the temporary member in the pending invites section (or the existing members section once accepted), it will also show the time allowed in orange, e.g. 'expires in 1 hour' 



Want to explore this feature in more depth? Read our temporary members article here 

We hope this will get you started on using our new feature to save time and create efficiencies in your portal.

Not using Clinked yet? Please reach out to our team if you'd like to discuss how a client portal can work for your organisation: 

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