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Christmas Virtual Games

Team Fun

In the last couple of years we have almost perfected the virtual experience. Now more than ever we can “be there” without actually physically being there. So if you are unable to see your family, friends, or any other important person in your life this year for Christmas, you will video call them, right? Thanks to technology we can now be connected to anyone, anywhere in the world. In light of this, we have rounded up our favorite Christmas virtual games that you can play over video call, just because you’re not together in person doesn’t mean you can have fun together! Enjoy!

Christmas Trivia

This is exactly what you think it is, find Christmas questions and answers online and ask them to each other. There are sure to be some funny answers and frustration when people can’t answer questions they should know.

Christmas RiddlesChristmas Riddles

Similar to above, these can easily be found online and are great fun when people are trying to guess them!

Holiday Storytime

One person on the call writes down two sentences to start a holiday story, but does not show them to anyone. The rest of the players are assigned numbers and must also write down their own two lines to start their holiday story. Do not tell anyone the purpose of why they are writing these lines down, and once everyone is finished they must read out their lines in the numerical order that was assigned at the start. It should be hilarious!

Virtual Christmas Bingo

Make your own bingo cards ahead of time and have them ready for the call. Online tools can be used to generate the cards, and this can be a fun way to spend some time on a video call.

Virtual Christmas Bingo

Holiday Would You Rather

Christmas themed questions are the name of the game here, some example questions are:

  • Would you rather live a week in a gingerbread house, or eat nothing but candy canes for a week?
  • Would you rather be caught re-gifting by your boss or your in-laws?
  • Would you rather listen to “White Christmas” or “All I Want For Christmas” on loop for two weeks?

Christmas Charades

These Christmas themed charades can include Christmas characters (yes Santa is the easiest one!), Christmas movies, songs, and anything else Christmas related. Some of the lesser-known Christmas figures like the reindeer or Mrs. Claus can be great fun to try and guess.

Holiday Storytime

Christmas Last Letter Game

To play this game, one participant will come up with a Christmas theme, for example Christmas food. Then they will say one phrase or work that is in that theme, like turkey. The next player must try to come up with something in the same theme that starts with the last letter of the previous phrase. For instance, the next term in this game could be yule log!

Which of the above Christmas virtual games are your favorite? Clinked would love to hear from you in the comments below!
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