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Fun Office Games: Small Fun Activities for Employees

Team Fun Chirstmas

Per a recent survey, just 24 per cent of workers actually feel connected to their colleagues. Basically, every three out of four workers feel isolated from their peers at the “average” company.

That is so wrong for a number of reasons! Feeling isolated in any walk of life is a horrible way to feel, and being isolated from your colleagues from work can definitely make being at work more taxing than it should be. From both the company and worker’s point of view, it is detrimental to not have a good working environment for everyone in the office. This is why fun office games were invented!

Productive offices and teams are fuelled by people who work for each other and have strong bonds. Unfortunately, these bonds cannot be formed overnight, they are made from interactions over long periods of time.

One of the easiest ways to get employees interacting with one another is to make use of some fun activities in the office. Here we will look at some of the best office games that we think will get everyone having fun together, and getting to know everyone just a little bit better.

Two Truth and One Lie

This game is great if you have just had some new employees start, and you would like to integrate them into the team as soon as possible. This can be played at lunch or even if there is some downtime in the office, and is a quick and easy way to get to know people.

The premise is simple, everyone has to come up with two things about themselves that are true, and one “fact” that is a lie. When it comes to a person, they must present the three facts that they have come up with, and the rest of the players will try to guess which one is the lie. The facts will inevitably lead to conversation about past experiences and get everyone chatting.

Find 10 Things In Common

This option is perfect for larger groups, where some employees will rarely interact with one another. This can be played at a company lunch, or even on a company-wide video conference call for those who may not be in the office physically.

Each group will have to find 10 things that absolutely all of them have in common. Rule out some obvious things like they wear clothes, they breathe etc. The random things that everyone has in common might surprise you!


Split your group into teams, or pairs if you have a small number. Everyone must write something interesting that they have done in the past on a card, for example: how many states they have lived in, if they have been skydiving, how fast they can drink a gallon of milk. The sillier the things are, the better. Once all of the submissions have been written down, they are shown anonymously to the group and everyone has to guess “Whodunit?”

Human Rock-Paper-Scissors

I mean, if you haven't played rock-paper-scissors before I really don’t know what to say, but pretty much everyone has. But, you may not have played it with a group, or with custom signals!

This is a fun option for groups where each team creates their own signals for rock, paper, and scissors, and then battles it out against the other teams. Prepare to see some strange body movements, and maybe an injury or two if people get too adventurous! Teams will compete in a best of five game series to see who is the rock-paper-scissors champion.

Have You Ever

Yup, “Have You Ever” is pretty much the same as “Never Have I Ever”. There are two ways that you can play this game, depending on the type of fun you want to have.

One person will say something beginning with “Have you ever” (or never have I ever for those who prefer it), followed by something interesting, risky or maybe somewhat taboo. If anyone has done it before they either have to fold down one of the five fingers that they are holding up, or take a drink of their alcoholic beverage of choice, or both!

The way you decide to play this game determines the type of fun you have like we said before, because when alcohol is involved, this game always ends up going in a certain direction!

What do you think of these fun office games? Do you know of any games that you think belong on this list? Clinked would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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