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Customer Portal Examples

A single negative customer experience can seriously harm your business. Research has found that customers are willing to cancel contracts worth thousands of dollars after just one bad experience. There are many ways that businesses can help to mitigate these situations, and one of these ways is to have a great customer portal. In light of this, we have put together five of the top customer portal examples, so that you can see the features that stand out in each option, and why they are great for Customer Experience (CX).

Customer Portals and Customer Experience

As technology has advanced, so too has customer communication and how they interact and engage with companies and brands. Today there are more options online than ever before, and customers have come to expect a customized self-service experience. 

A rise in customer expectation does not mean that these needs are consistently being met, however, as many brands are known to not provide the basic information and experiences to their customers. Don't be that brand!

Think about the last negative experience that you have had with a brand, what were your thoughts, and more importantly what did you do next?

One out of four people has stated that they will change providers after one negative experience, and 30% of people are likely to share a bad review after their negative experience. That might not seem bad, but a single negative review can be shared up to 357,000 times. This is why it's so important to ensure that your company has the best CX possible in place. 

Best Customer Portal Examples



Clinked is a collaborative business platform that is focused on client team collaboration and knowledge sharing, rather than being more individual-centric. Through their client cloud portal, users can organize events, share tasks, discuss ideas, and share information effortlessly and seamlessly. This allows businesses and teams to collaborate effectively and operate at an organized, engaged, and efficient level.

customer portal example - Clinked.com

Their white-label platform and mobile application can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business and can be integrated into existing tools and workflows. Individual and customizable workspaces can be created for specific clients and projects, allowing focused communication.

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Spire is the fifth biggest gas utility that is publicly traded in the US, with 1.7 million customers. It has a customer portal where users can check and pay their online bills, see their energy usage charts, and use various self-service tools for paperless billing and arranging payments. It attracts customers with its unified and modern customer experience.


Before redesigning their whole customer portal, they had two legacy portals that were giving users a disjointed and confusing experience. Their back-end systems were also very complex, featuring two systems for payments, mobile, and ERP systems.

Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters help over 3,000 helicopter operators operate and service their helicopters. The Airbus customer portal “Keycopter”, is used by over 24,000 users and 3,000 companies. Their newly redesigned customer portal shows how customer satisfaction and operational efficiency can be achieved together. The portal is available 24/7 from basically any device, which allows operators to receive help as fast as possible. 


Their modern customer portal gives them the ability to manage warranties, view technical documents, order parts, and submit questions. The health and usage of their helicopter is also visible, with the information being provided by sensors on the aircraft.

Bosch Smart Home

The Bosch Group is the global leader in technology and services. Their Smart Home customer portal is focused on providing a seamless and consistent customer experience through many avenues. Their self-service portal is centered around allowing customers to buy products online, process warranties, handle returns, access installation videos, and chat with specialists.


Bosch’s customer portal works so well because not only it is highly functional, but because of its personalized, language-specific accessibility. This customer portal has allowed Bosch to reach new audiences as they have grown.

Philadelphia Care Foundation

The Philadelphia Care Foundation aids people with intellectual disabilities and encourages them to live the best life possible. Their customer portal acts as their communication hub, and also gives users individualized access to resources. They have also been able to personalize the portal for users at various stages in their journey.


By integrating their websites with existing applications, they were able to tailor the experiences of every user and make the portal extremely accessible across various devices. 

What do you think of these customer portal examples? Are you looking to improve your customer experience? Contact Clinked today to discuss your options, we have a team of experts who can help you!

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