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3 Ways to Modernize Data Protection, Governance, and Compliance

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The post-COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way a lot of companies now work. Employees have a more flexible schedule as companies now realize people can be just as productive working from home as in an office setting. While this is a dream for many employees, having a more flexible schedule, no travel expenses, and the comfort of their own home, it does come with some problems and risks.

Security Issues for Businesses Post-COVID

Security and operational issues are the main issue with people working from home and potentially using a laptop that is not on the secured company network. These personal devices do not get the same level of protection as work equipment. This can create gaps in data protection, compliance, and information governance. Having gaps in these areas is something no company wants or can afford to have.

One of the easiest ways to ensure this does not happen is for all employees to use a custom platform like Clinked. This is where they can communicate and share information in a safe and secure manner.

Three Solutions for Data Compliance and Security

Along with using custom portals, compliance and risk officers can reduce security hacks, simplify remote working, and strengthen their teams by using several other solutions. Here are three solutions companies can use to help secure, protect and promote easy remote and regular working for all.

  1. Use a portal that will provide end-to-end coverage. Using an end-to-end platform for all remote and office work will ensure that all documents are compliant and secure. As these systems take a product or service from the beginning processes right to the end, it reduces the risk of moving sensitive documents from one platform to another. Also, as different teams may be in various locations, it makes remote working feel like everyone is working in the one space.
  2. While working, using a central management system can protect the company's information in a wide range of ways, including managing documents and stopping accidental exposure of sensitive information via channels like messaging apps. Everyday practices within a company should contain data governance. It should be made a priority by top management and should be approached like a critical business initiative that affects all members of the company. When it is viewed as an IT problem, it loses sight of the real risk it can cause. Using a system that automates it directly into existing processes is an easy, stress-free way to ensure the company's data is compliant and secure.
  3. To ensure complete governance over their data, company policies should include classifiers as they can identify and group various information based on their sensitivity and other factors. Credit card numbers would be classed as sensitive information and dealt with accordingly.

Creating A Custom Portal

Creating a work environment that is not only easy to use on a day-to-day basis but provides a place where secure information can be shared between team members is essential for companies. It creates an accessible, stress-free environment for workers to perform to the highest level. Clinked is a leading company that can provide this service for businesses.

One of Clinked's great attributes is the ability to create your custom portal. This portal can be designed entirely by Clinked experts or have as much input from the customer as desired. It is a simple process involving finding the portal requirements, developing the portal, including customer control and costs, and prioritizing the most important features to ensure an optimum working environment. Clinked contains a vast range of features such as easy communication, collaboration, and comprehensive security to make your portal work exactly how you need it to for your workplace. Once the design is completed, Clinked will work quickly and efficiently to deliver your customized portal to start your company on the road to success with data protection and compliance.

Due to the Gen-Z generation, we are now in a "work smarter, not harder" society. Post-pandemic people do not want to return to commuting and working inside a traditional workplace environment. Due to this new reality, business owners and information security officers must come to terms with subjects like data protection and compliance can be tricky. But with portals like Clinked, it doesn't have to be. With the right tools, companies can keep their data protected and their workplaces running smoothly, just like in pre-pandemic times.

As remote working is becoming more common, it doesn't mean running a business has to be more complex. Clinked can bring you on your way to a more straightforward, compliant process that gives customers their product or service excellently. To learn how your company can simplify and strengthen in these areas, visit Clinked.com and avail yourself of the many ways Clinked can help you on your way to a better working day.


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