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Why A Client Portal Is Ideal For Law Firms

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With the demands of working in legal services comes the need to manage your clients and files securely and also keep your teams' communication organised. The organisation software you choose to carry out your work needs to be of the highest quality to ensure this, but as security risks also increase and the ongoing debate on whether to host your office in person or online, there is a lot for law firms to consider. So rather than spend your important, billable time using multiple pieces of software to get your work done, why not just use one that does everything for you? 

Introducing a client portal. Able to combine your different aspects of the job into one central place online, using a client portal for law firms allows you to have complicated documents and tasks all together and easily accessible to clients in a branded and secure place. Here are our top reasons to have a legal services client portal and how Clinked can specifically meet these needs.

Why a client portal is ideal for legal services companies

Legal services require a considered approach to the systems they use and the way that they work with their clients. With sensitive, personal information being dealt with, complicated laws to be navigated and the need for clear communications throughout, it can be difficult to find an option that provides all of this for your business. And that's why using an elevated software option like a client portal gives your relations with your customers a quality experience. Here are some specific legal services needs that can be met through a client portal.


Many interactions and documents that you have with your clients are likely to be of a sensitive nature and require a professional approach to handling them. Choosing a software option that is specifically designed for professionals signifies your business as one that takes their clients work seriously, and willing to invest in the best services for them. 


With sensitive information comes the need for heightened levels of security. Client portals offer more for legal services than just a place to work online. They often have encrypted protection, giving you peace of mind as you collaborate with your clients.


We also understand that needing to access legal services may come with concerns around being judged for this or wanting to keep this separate from family members. With private access to a client portal and the ability to design your online working space in a way that looks professional and nondescript, it can leave your most delicate clients with a sense of relief.


We understand that you will be dealing with potentially complicated matters for your clients, but need to translate this into easy-to-understand terms for them. Having an easily navigable system and clear markers for what your clients will need to read and sign is  essential to getting your job done simply and quickly.

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Why Clinked is ideal for a law firm

Security as priority

At Clinked, our customers’ and their clients' protection is our top priority. That’s why we offer bank grade security and end to end encryption - 256 bit SSL in transit and AES encryption at rest. 

For legal professionals, this means that every interaction you have with your clients can be reassured with the knowledge that your work and conversations will be kept safe. So whether you’re discussing the details of an important contract, negotiating your services, or having your clients sign legally binding documents, this can all be done safely and easily in Clinked.

Professional design woven into our system

For your clients accessing your services, they want to be reassured that the time and money they are investing in you is worth it for them. Therefore we believe that this level of professionalism needs to stand out at every interaction they have with your brand. 

On top of a securely designed system as standard, Clinked’s client portal is cleanly laid out and is able to also fully integrate your company’s branding, colors and logos, giving a complete white label experience for your customers.

Accessible only to necessary parties

Clinked’s client portal system is easily navigable and capable of allowing viewing, uploading and downloading, but only to those you deem necessary. Our separate group functions allow you to create dedicated spaces for specific clients, and then determine access to exactly who needs it, such as your internal staff or external contractors. Access can be granted through our regular membership logins (each with different access levels) and also by temporary and guest access - incredibly useful for those involved in a project short term.

For the all round high quality package that legal professionals require, a client portal for law firms makes perfect sense. To ensure that a legal services client portal is right for your business - speak to our friendly team to discuss your precise requirements.

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