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Portal Companies: Top 10

Client Portal Portal Website

Portal companies design, build and often host business portals. A portal is a complex network of specialized information designed specifically for customers' needs or wants. Users can access information and operational services from many different areas, such as researching information, communicating with colleagues, using dashboards, and brainstorming ideas in one place. Portals differ from regular websites, as websites can deliver a considerable amount of information, but it is limited as it is contained to only one website.

Companies utilize many portals to share information, ideas, and products safely and securely. Not only can they be used as an intranet portal for businesses to share information in-house, but they can also be used to streamline various business operations in areas like marketing, retail, hospitality, and internet-based commerce.

Some of the biggest internet-based companies in the world are portals, including Google and Amazon, as they provide a range of services and information under one roof. Due to their algorithms, each user’s experience is personalized as portals pay attention to and record the habits of their users.

They constantly evolve and change depending on what the business, customer, or user needs. A portal company can be a desirable business attribute if utilized correctly; here is a short list of the top ten portal companies:


Zendesk is a portal company specializing in the support and help sector of business and commerce. It has a robust range of features, including a customizable platform, excellent support features, and an intuitive ticket management system. These features allow companies to create the user experience they need to optimize their business, including community forums and billing services. The workload on employees can also be reduced by creating standardized messages and responses for common queries. It can connect to various communication and social media platforms such as internal messaging programs, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more.


FlowLu is a project management portal company that is a safe and secure space for employees to collaborate and share information. Also, it can be utilized to manage payments and invoicing. Customers can be invited to the portal to review the progress of the specific project they are involved in. It has a built-in messenger service where different users can collaborate and share important documents.


Huddle is a portal that specializes in keeping files secure for businesses and government bodies. It is an easy and convenient way for sensitive information to be shared between the correct people. Huddle has a large storage capacity and an easy-to-use filing system. Users can quickly search for a specific file within a browser or on their app for convenience.


Monday.com is a portal that provides a visually appealing project management experience. It has specific boards to centralize tasks and knowledge management. There are user-friendly features such as drag-and-drop functions and engaging templates to track information. Some elements can be automated to give a seamless user experience, and information can be shared securely between popular communication apps such as Slack and Microsoft teams.


Fresh Desk is a portal designed specifically for ticket management using AI to automate responses to common questions using knowledge-based articles and other information. Business emails and other direct communication can be created through FreshDesk. This portal has many other features, including brand customization, search engine optimization (SEO), and customer satisfaction analytics.


Clinked is a secure portal designed to streamline company operations safely and securely. It is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. It engages clients through its many features, including creating customizable project workspaces, integrated messaging services, and its ability to connect to tools already being utilized by the company. Clinked prides itself on providing a secure area for clients, and storing business-sensitive information. It also has a mobile app for working on the go.

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AzzureDesk is a portal website for clients who are experienced with different software systems. It has various functions, including converting emails to support tickets, ticket categorization, and the ability to support a range of email addresses. It can be integrated with communication tools such as Slack and Asana for seamless teamwork and a secure knowledge base.


SutieDash is an all-in-one basic portal. It has a range of features, including customer relationship management, billing and invoicing, email campaigns, and client onboarding. It is a tool used by small and medium-sized businesses as it can be customized to match their company branding. It has a user-friendly file management and many different file-sharing features. Also, it has a secure login system for customers to sign in to see progress on what they are involved in.


Portal is a popular web portal known for its easy user experience. Businesses often use this portal company to onboard their customers. It can create client portals and connect them to their brand’s website in minutes. There are many features, including billing, messaging, forums, and file sharing. Furthermore, extensions can be added through AirTable and Loom to expand its features.


Accelo is a work management portal for professional services. It can manage all aspects of client relationships, including end-to-end project management, ticket organization, accounting services, and client analytics. It can track specific features on client portals, such as time spent on projects and tracking expenses, to name a few.

There is a range of portal companies available for anything that a company needs. Whether a company wants to focus on client or ticketing management, there is something for everyone. With modern security a top priority for many businesses, Clinked stands out as the ultimate all-in-one portal. Not only does it offer powerful client management features, but more impressively provides secure and safe information-sharing services - an absolute necessity in today's technology driven world.

If you are interested in a portal company for your business, start your journey with Clinked.com today. We can help you organize your business and keep your clients feeling special and secure.

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